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TODAY I’m giving away 1 (one) signed PAPERBACK copy of Luck of the Irish (US only – for winners living outside the US, the paperback copy will not be signed).

WINNER = Mistral K. Dawn

I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to an amazing project called One Million Project – check the page here. I’ve been working on that for a little over a year now and it’s going to be launched next November.

Talented and versatile author Jason Greenfield (I profiled him in my GIVEBACK WEDNESDAY post last July – here) put together a collective work for The One Million Project with 24 short-stories written by himself and other authors and illustrated by different artists. He’s been working hard on that for a long time. I, on the other hand, have been lending a hand for the last fifteen months but I can tell you it’s been a beautiful and rewarding experience because the book will be made available on Amazon and sponsors will donate £1 per download to selected charity projects. Is this great or what?

STAY TUNED for further details in the next couple of months. Also, if you’re an artist or author, there will be new opportunities to participate in the The One Million Project Part 2. So, stick around and contact me!!


Facebook Page

One Million Project Facebook Page

And in celebration of RRBC’s BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY I’ve released a new collection of steamy short stories.

Please DON’T click HERE if you object to erotica stories involving three or more partners. 😀 If you don’t mind them, HAVE FUN!!


  1. Hi – i hope everyone can still see this. If not i will ask Liz to reblog.

    Having just finished a time consuming bit of work doing CreateSpace book versions (One Million Project going on by Mid Oct) i can now dedicate myself to other tasks such as finding our final artists for the OMP.

    If you or anyone you know wants to be involved, the following stories need promo artists. I am trying to get 4 pieces per story, one of which will be done in the style of a cover (complete with title) and reflecting characters and scenes in the story.

    Art will mainly be used for accompanying promos and future print versions and as an artist you will be an official OMP Contributor and part of our network, credited for your work (which remains your intellectual property and can be used elsewhere at your discretion) and can call on us to help promote your general projects. You’ll also have a contributors profile on the official website.

    Deadlines – i know it may not seem like you have much time as we plan to launch in November, but the rollout/promo period will last 12 months, so there is plenty of scope. Although of course the quicker work is made available, the more time you’ll have in the promotional spotlight.

    Unassigned stories:

    3: Pray to the Void by NYTimes bestseller list author TONY O’NEILL. Hyper real tale about the misadventures of drug addicts just out of rehab.
    4. The Diary of an Inconsequential Man – humorous journal story by me. Illustrative artist required.
    5. The Little Christmas Tree by Paul Skelton. Animated look/Pixar style required – 3 pieces. Cover piece is assigned.
    6. The Catman in the Case of the Unnoficial Tontine by me. Victorian detective/pulp mysteryman. Pulp illustrative or steam punk style required.
    8. Those Who Would Resist My Rule by me. Space opera/sci-fi. Painted/illustrated 50’s sci-fi pulp style required. Think Dan Dare or Flash Gordon.
    10. The Golden Legion by me. Fantasy artist required. Illustrative/painted.
    14. Jack Knife by Cosmo Clinton – story about 2 young guys adventures on their way to a festival. Art open to interpretation.
    17. Children’s Story by me – a misnomer as its a victorian detective story with grimm’s fairytale elements and anthoromorphic animals – illustrative artist needed who can do Victorian/animals.

    Please leave your details with Liz if you or an artist you know are interested. I will look at samples. Please list your top three so if a story is filled, you might still have a chance to do the next on your list.

    Thank you,


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  2. Thanks Michael for your visit and kind words!! Much appreciated. As for winning the prize, you really need to count on your Luck of the Irish. hahaha


  3. A. Boustead, thank you so very much for your kind words. I do what I do because I believe that if I step up and do more, others will follow suit. When we all give just a little bit more, go that extra mile, take one more step for others, SUCCESS will belong to us all. Glad you’re enjoying the tour!

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  4. Hi Liz! Thanks so much for hosting all of us #RRBC Blog Partiers!
    The 1 Million Project sounds like a wonderful way for indie authors and sponsors to have a direct impact. Good Show!

    Being 1/2 Irish myself, (My family hails from Cools, in County Kerry) – I’m sure to have a wee advantage to win your signed copy… 😉

    Best of luck with your work! – MikeL

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  5. Hi Liz, love your website and it’s wonderful to get to know fellow RRBC members a little better. This Block Party is awesome. The One Million Project is just fantastic and wishing you and the team much success. Have a lovely evening! 🙂

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  6. Hi Liz,

    Looks great! Best of luck. My collection just medaled in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards this year, so youmay want to consider putting it up for the anthoogy category when it’s out in the world =)

    Take care!

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  7. Great idea to do a plug for the 1 Million Project Liz – have liked it on FB 😀 Those steamy threesomes sure sound tempting! 😉 Have a super time for the rest of today & I hope you get loads more callers – am off to tweet you soon! 😉

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  8. Hey, Jay! Glad to help in any way I can! Also very pleased to see you around today! I know how much the OMP means to you and I’m happy you can see the kind of response your project is getting even though it’s still ‘a few months off actual launch’ as you put it!! 😀


  9. Hey, John! It’s great seeing you here today. Thanks for all you do at RRBC. I don’t know what prize you’re talking about but thanks for thinking I deserve it. hahaha 😀


  10. Hi, Tara, and thanks for visiting and supporting today! The first One Million Project is about to be launched but, like I said, we’ll certainly need more contributors for the One Million Project 2 so you can like the FB page to get our notifications – link is the post above – and keep in touch! 😀


  11. Hey, Joy, as always, thanks for visiting and supporting!
    As for the One Million Project, the 24 short-stories vary greatly in length, style and genre. There’s a bit of everything: fantasy, paranormal, children’s stories, time travel, biographical stories, western, adventure, super-heroes, and my little erotica tale thrown in the middle. haha So, it’s fair to say the One Million Project is NOT based on erotica at all. 😀


  12. hahaha Yvette, the temptation factor wasn’t intentional *wink wink* but I’m glad it worked. 😀
    Also, I’d love to know more about this club you work with if you don’t mind. Who know we might combine efforts in the future, right? Please feel free to email me if you need any help with that. lizgavin@elessarbooks.com. ❤


  13. Aww, Harmz,THANKS for your offer. I’ll take you up on that when the time comes, be prepared. hahaha 😀
    Thanks for visiting and supporting as you always do! You’re awesome.


  14. Hi Liz! Stopping by to wish you well on the BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY this morning. Can’t wait to read the One Million Project. Also will be reading the steamy stories later!

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  15. What a wonderful project, Liz! It sounds like a ton of work, but very worthwhile! Great idea to showcase this kind of project – I think you should win the prize! Enjoy your party on the RRBC Block!

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  16. Your project sound very interesting. What has erotica to do with this? Is the project going to be based on it? I have read one of your books and know that it wasn’t that too explicit. 🙂 So keep us informed about the progress of your project.

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  17. Your project sounds like quite an undertaking, but the charity aspect is awesome! I began reading erotica stories a few months ago and have to say, they can be quite enthralling–when the events are set to a great story–which I’m sure yours is. Good luck on your project and enjoy your blog celebration today!

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  18. I love how the word DON’T is in that big, bold, tempting red! lol! My rebel side is screaming, “Click it! Click it! Click it already!” lol! 😛 So, I did! Those stories look really yummy. 😉 I also love the idea of the One Million Project. I sponsor a club that focuses on community service and philanthropy, so I think it’s amazing what you all are doing. 🙂 ❤

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  19. This project sounds fascinating, Liz! Very best of luck with it 🙂 Great post, and it’s lovely to come by and visit you today. Any promo you need for the 1 million project, let me know and I’ll push it on my blog, etc. 🙂

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  20. First let it is a lot easier to coment and stuf if I am folowing you on the WordPress so so if any one dose wants me to follow them plea follow me and I will follow them

    The progect founds interesting will check out the stern when I have woken up properley

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  21. This RRBC party is a fantastic way to meet other members and find out about the exciting ventures they are involved in. The One Million Project sounds like a great idea. Have a fun filled and fabulous day Liz!

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