Lizzie is the author of the Babe Driven which is available on Amazon. Lizzie is an enthusiastic inventor, businesswoman and artist. She founded her first company at the age of 17 and has been creating products and driving her family mad ever since.
Lizzie appeared on Sky News, ITV Lunchtime News, This Morning, The Big Breakfast, BBC’s Worldwide Radio Service, amongst others for becoming one of Fair Play London’s Female Innovators.

Lizzie lives in Essex, with her gorgeous husband, two bouncy children and a very unusual dog. In between the school run and baking cakes (or burning them!), she sits in her rooftop studio daydreaming about gaps in the market and how she can fill them. Lizzie is currently writing her third novel.​


Blog or Website: http://lizziechantree.wordpress.com
Twitter Handle: @Lizzie_Chantree
Facebook Page URL: Facebook.com/LizzieChantree​


Babe Drive

Love’s Child






Isabel Pietri is a retired Labor Union President from NYC. In retirement, she has re-invented herself as an author and blogger.

Isabel Pietri was born and raised in New York City. She resides now in N. E. Pennsylvania with her husband, a retired forensic investigator, Sheba the wonder dog, and two kitties, Shadow and Missy.



Romantic thriller sure to please

Romantic thriller sure to please

Love in the Dark is book one in the Millie and Adrian Trilogy. It is the story of NYPD surveillance expert, Detective Millie Angeles. Millie has made a name for herself working in the elite TARU unit of the New York Police Department as the go-to girl for surveillance and tracking. However, when tragedy occurs, she finds herself casting about for a new chapter. That all falls into place when she lands a job at a private company, which dispatches her to the West Coast to work for Adrian Zaragosa, a blind, and strikingly handsome owner of a winery estate in the Napa Valley. As the plot thickens and their passion sparks, Millie finds herself in the throes of both extreme danger and overpowering desire.

The Black Calla Lily

The Black Calla Lily

The Black Calla Lily is book #2 in the Millie and Adrian Trilogy. Millie and Adrian are the perfect couple living the perfect life. That is until Millie’s troubles follow her to Luna Llena. They threaten all that she loves, her husband and children. The story reaches a climatic ending as Millie dashes across the country back to New York City to face her nemesis for a final show down. Will Millie pay the ultimate price?

Ms. Pietri is currently working on the third and final book in the series, “The Deep Web of Deception.”

Before becoming an author, Ms. Pietri was a Labor Union President representing workers in NYC and the Tri-state area. She was born and raised in lower Manhattan, NYC. Today, she resides in N. E. Pennsylvania with her husband, a retired forensic investigator, Sheba the wonder dog, and two kitties, Shadow and Missy. She loves music, dancing, watching movies, eating popcorn, drinking good wine, swimming, scuba diving, but most of all she loves to create through writing.
Smashwords Interview: https://www.smashwords.com/interview/Isabel731
Smashwords profile page: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Isabel731Amazon.com








Bio: Father of 4 under the age of 11 IT Geek Author Another Sunset Before Another Sunset From Wallingford, CT President of the Wallingford Fireworks Fund http://wallingfordfireworks.org Proud member of the Rave Reviews Book Club #RRBC #RaveReviewsBookClub

Jason has been working in the information technology field in one form or the other since 1996. He is currently employed full time at Bloomberg LP as a Systems Engineer in the R&D group. Jason lives in Wallingford Connecticut, with his wife Renata. He is the father to four children, three boys and 1 girl – 11 years (Andrew), 9 years (Angela), 7 years (Adam) and 6 years old (Alex).

You can keep up with Jason on Facebook via his author page at https://www.facebook.com/jzandri

You can FOLLOW Jason on Twitter via https://twitter.com/gunderstone

You can ADD Jason to your circles on Google+ via https://plus.google.com/+JasonZandri/

You can read Jason’s current updates and writing activity on his writer’s blog – THE GUNDERSTONE REVIEW at https://gunderstone.wordpress.com/

Email: jason@zandri.net
Blog or Website: https://gunderstone.wordpress.com/
Twitter Handle: @GUNDERSTONE
Facebook Page URL: https://www.facebook.com/jzandri


Before Another Sunset (The Sunset Series Book 1)

Another Sunset (The Sunset Series Book 2)

I Hero: The Beginning

I Hero: Nathan Returns

As Life Goes: Elementary

MCSE Planning and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Exam Cram 2 (Exam Cram 70-293)




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Rave Reviews Book Club

Spotlight Author

TC Booth



Character Interview: Featuring Chase from To Be Honest

Hello, I’m Clean Read’s author TC Booth. I’m excited to share with you an interview with Chase McFall, a seventeen year old boy who works his way into Starla Emerson’s heart from my new young adult novel, To Be Honest.

Where do you go to school and what is your favorite subject?

  I’m a junior at Centerville High School in Indiana. My favorite subject is English because I sit with Star in that class.  She rocks at figuring out the meaning behind the book quotes our teacher gives us. She’s smart and pretty.

What hobbies or interests do you have?

 I compete in extreme sports. BMX competitions are my favorite. My brother is my biggest fan and coach. He has cerebral palsy so he can’t compete himself. I ride for him. He’s my hero.

Who do you most admire?

 That’s hard. I admire three people really. My mom. She raised my brother and me on her own. My dad couldn’t handle having a handicapped son so he took off when we were younger.

 My brother. He doesn’t let his condition stop him from lovin’ life. He smiles more than anyone I know. He’s pretty awesome.

 Starla. She’s the prettiest and sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She doesn’t hide her hand anymore. Even after being bullied about it, she’s not ashamed of being different. I admire that in her. She’s my brave girl.

Do you believe in God?

Yes, I do. He brought Starla into my life and gave me the best mom and brother anyone could’ve asked for.

 Do you have a motto?

No Fear. I have it tattooed here on my arm. That’s our motto, my brother and me. We face life head on with no fear. We won’t be cowards like my dad.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Chase. I think he’s a pretty cool guy and I had fun creating his character. He’s perfect for Starla.

Author Photo


To learn more about TC Booth or to purchase her books, please visit:

Amazon Author Page


Twitter handle




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TODAY I’m giving away 1 (one) signed PAPERBACK copy of Luck of the Irish (US only – for winners living outside the US, the paperback copy will not be signed).

WINNER = Mistral K. Dawn

I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to an amazing project called One Million Project – check the page here. I’ve been working on that for a little over a year now and it’s going to be launched next November.

Talented and versatile author Jason Greenfield (I profiled him in my GIVEBACK WEDNESDAY post last July – here) put together a collective work for The One Million Project with 24 short-stories written by himself and other authors and illustrated by different artists. He’s been working hard on that for a long time. I, on the other hand, have been lending a hand for the last fifteen months but I can tell you it’s been a beautiful and rewarding experience because the book will be made available on Amazon and sponsors will donate £1 per download to selected charity projects. Is this great or what?

STAY TUNED for further details in the next couple of months. Also, if you’re an artist or author, there will be new opportunities to participate in the The One Million Project Part 2. So, stick around and contact me!!


Facebook Page

One Million Project Facebook Page

And in celebration of RRBC’s BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY I’ve released a new collection of steamy short stories.

Please DON’T click HERE if you object to erotica stories involving three or more partners. 😀 If you don’t mind them, HAVE FUN!!


Please help me make fellow author S. M. Spencer feel at home at this stop on her blog tour! The best way to do that is liking, commenting, and sharing her post as well as writing sincere REVIEWS for her books! 😀

I for one loved her post about the inspiration for the Absent Shadows trilogy. After all, I’m a HUGE fan of paranormal romance! So I decided to make a small contribution to her awesome post by means of illustrating it.

Queen Victoria Markets

aka Old Melbourne Cemetery








Hello, and thanks for stopping by on my blog tour!  I would like to thank today’s host for having me here, and also 4Wills Publishing for organizing this tour for me. To see all the stops on the tour, check out their website:



The YA paranormal romance trilogy Absent Shadows takes place (predominantly) in Melbourne, Australia. The story is completely fictional; however it is set in real locations. Most of the story takes place in what are some of the oldest parts of Melbourne, namely the Queen Victoria Market and the Flagstaff Gardens.


I’d like to share with you a bit of the history of this area so you will understand what inspired me to come up with a story about ghosts and vampires in this area.



A few years ago, I was working around the corner from Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, up near the Flagstaff Gardens. One day while walking around at lunchtime, I started sensing that the area was the perfect setting for a story about ghosts and vampires. There had been a strong resurgence in the popularity of vampires and ghosts, and I’d always been keenly interested in both. In fact, I’d done a late night ghost tour through the area just a few years earlier. It was on this ghost tour that I first learned the history of the cemetery under the market’s carpark.

When I set out to write the story, I decided to do a bit of research on the area. Of course I headed straight to Google and WIKIPEDIA. I read numerous accounts of the market and the gardens, and although not everything I read appeared to be consistent, the general gist of it was that the area we now call the Flagstaff Gardens was originally referred to as Burial Hill. In the early 1800’s, not long after the colony of Melbourne was established, this became the site of Melbourne’s first burials.

A few years later a proper cemetery was built, the Melbourne Cemetery, in the area that is now the Queen Victoria Market. This cemetery was used from 1837 until the early 1850’s but was felt to be too small for the growing population. As such, in the early 1850’s, what is now referred to as the Melbourne General Cemetery was built.

In the early 1900’s there were plans to expand the Queen Victoria Market, so a number of bodies (approximately 900) were exhumed from the Old Melbourne Cemetery and relocated to other cemeteries. Poor records, deterioration of headstones, and numerous other factors prevented the remaining bodies from being exhumed however.

Although there is no doubt that a large number of bodies still remain under the market carpark, the exact number seems somewhat debatable. Some accounts suggested that there were originally over 10,000 bodies in the Old Melbourne Cemetery, so with only approximately 900 having been relocated there would still be in excess of 9,000 remaining.  However, another report suggests that due to a fire in 1864 that destroyed early records, the 10,000 bodies cannot be verified.

Regardless of the exact number, there is no argument that not all the bodies were exhumed, and when you walk across the carpark, you are walking over the top of some thousands of bodies that reside as little as six feet below.

Now, with the Melbourne City Council in the midst of massive redevelopment plans for the area, the controversy lives on.

You can read all about the history by simply Googling “Old Melbourne Cemetery”. It makes for some very interesting reading, indeed.

The Absent Shadows Trilogy is not in any sense of the words an historical account of the area. The story is a novel, set in an interesting location. Therefore, this background is supplied purely to provide a bit of insight into the inspiration for the writing of the story.


To find out more about the Absent Shadows Trilogy, and obtain free samples of each of the books, visit Amazon:



You can also follow SM Spencer on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/SMSpencer.writer  for advice about upcoming promotions as well as updates on works in progress.





S M Spencer

Absent Shadows Trilogy: Destiny, Sacrifice & Deception

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Series Description:

The Absent Shadows Trilogy is the story of nineteen year-old Lili McIntyre who decides to trade her California summer for a mid-winter visit to Australia in hope of finding inspiration and direction in the country where her father was born.

When she arrives in Melbourne, the first thing Lili finds is the last thing she’s looking for—a brooding man who makes her heart race every time she sees him. Against her better judgement, Lili finds herself drawn into a relationship that tests her very beliefs about life, reality and fantasy.

Follow Lili’s journey across Australia as she searches for her destiny, faces some of the hardest decisions of her life, makes incredible sacrifices, and encounters deception in places where it is least expected.

Available at   Amazon    Brag Medallion


Destiny Excerpt:


Sometimes, when something bad happens, time seems to slow to a crawl.

Like that time I was running to visit my friend who lived down the street. I was only about ten at the time, but it seemed like it was yesterday. I remember exactly how it felt as I ran down that street toward her house. And how, when I was only part way there, I stepped on an acorn and my foot rolled out from under me. As I fell, the pavement got closer and closer to my face—in horrible slow-motion. I hit the ground with my hands stretched out in front of me, scraping the skin off both palms. They barely bled but man they hurt like crazy.

Yes, I could replay that memory like a slow-motion movie in my head even now—years later.

But this … well, this wasn’t like that.

What happened next was like a series of still photos. Tom flew out of the bedroom in a blur, but stopped just long enough for the image of his face to be burnt into my mind. His eyes were no longer soft brown, but were instead a glowing red, and his normally tanned complexion was now pallid grey. But what really stood out was the blood that ran down from the corner of his mouth.

Then I heard Sam’s voice—loud and harsh. ‘Go!’

Tom was gone and I heard the door slam.

I closed my eyes for no more than a long blink—it couldn’t have been more than a second—but when I opened them, Sam was in the bedroom, bending over Claire. Was he doing something to her neck? She was so still.

I ran to the doorway but stopped short of going in. I couldn’t draw a breath to scream or talk. I just stood there, frozen.




About the Author:


S M Spencer was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

As a young teenager she was introduced to the world of romantic suspense through the works of authors such as Daphne du Maurier and Mary Stewart. These books stirred in her a passion that would last a lifetime: to become a writer.

Feeling the need to experience life before embarking on a writing career, Ms Spencer completed a business degree. Her career eventually landed her in Melbourne, Australia, where she has lived ever since.

SM Spencer now writes from her home in a semi-rural part of Australia, where she lives with her husband, horses, cats and dogs.





 “This tour sponsored by 4WillsPublishing.wordpress.com.”

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Renee Hand – RRBC PIF WEEK

reneeToday I have the privilege to PAY IT FORWARD in the best sense of the word since this talented author-member of RRBC hosted me last Monday on her gorgeous Children’s Book Review blog. Need I say I was humbled by the experience? After all, not everyone is comfortable hosting authors like me (understandably so, I might add) and she did it so graciously. THANK YOU,

Renee Hand




As Mayor of Crazytown, as she describes herself on Twitter, I’m sure Renee has her hands full. She is running the most populated town on the planet, right? LoL

Seriously, though, researching for this post I was VERY impressed by Renee’s achievements.  She’s a award-winning author, blogger, reviewer, tennis pro, speaker, and host to a delightful and fun radio show. Phew, I’m tired just writing the list! 😀

As a former kindergarten principal, I KNOW how demanding the work with children can be so my hat is eternally off for people who succeed in this field. Kudos, Renee!

Finally, I leave you with Renee in her own words:

“My love for reading and writing started when I was a child. I always had a passion for it. I remember frequently wearing out the stone steps to the local library. When in a bookstore I would sit in the middle of an aisle perusing a novel that I was eagerly going to purchase but couldn’t wait to read. Often, when I had extra time, I would write stories that would pop into my head locking myself in my room for hours. Now that I am older my love for reading and writing has not diminished. In fact, it has only become a bigger part of me. It is because of this that I chose to share my interests with other readers who love books as much as I do.

My goal in writing is to entertain, but more importantly it is to build a connection with my readers. If I make another person feel some kind of emotion while they read my books, whether it be love, anger, compassion, or curiosity, then I did my job as a writer and that makes me feel good about what I write about.

Renee Hand is a multi award-winning author and requested speaker on the topic of using fun fiction to teach science, geography and history. Let her show librarians, educators, and parents how using her books can not only challenge readers and the way they think about problems in real life, but she creates high interest topics that suck the reader into her stories encouraging them into wanting to know more about the settings, science, history, culture and people. Skills like reading comprehension, reasoning, deduction and observation come together in a myriad of ways.

In her Crypto-Caper Series children get to solve puzzles and cryptograms that are woven strategically inside of the story for the reader to find and solve inside of the books. Each book provides the reader with what they will need to solve the case, providing them with the knowledge and new skills that will help them succeed.

In her Joe-Joe Nut Series, Renee expertly combines the love of a good mystery with science using the topics of animal tracks, rocks and minerals, as well as weathering, erosion, and art. These books can supplement a curriculum in any classroom. The books also contain extra information like experiments, terminology of the topic, charts, and much more. All books are interactive and fun.

Renee is a maverick in writing children’s interactive mysteries, combining elements while teaching children to believe in themselves and providing confidence to handle life’s challenges. Contact her today to participate in your event.

In her writing career Renee has been in over 50 newspapers, including The Flint Journal, Detroit Free Press and the Oakland Press and many others in and out of the state of Michigan. She has been interviewed on ABC channel 12 and on various Michigan and out of state radio and TV stations and on-line. She has been interviewed on The Best People We Know Show, several Blog Talk Radio shows for adults and children, and The Children’s Author Show, She has participated in over two hundred events, which include book signings, libraries, book stores, charities, schools and festivals all over the United States. She’s also a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and the Michigan-SCBWI. For Renee Hand, it is all about her readers. For more information about Renee and the books she writes, check out her website at http://www.reneeahand.com/

Among her other accolades, Renee is also a National Radio Show host for her show Stories From Unknown Authors where she interviews authors of all different genres about their books.

If you would like me to review your children’s book, I can be contacted atthecryptocapersseries@gmail.com

I love being an author! Thank you for all of your support.”



Renee’s list of published books is so long and interesting it’s worth your visiting her dedicated page.

Click here.

Or visit her Author Page on









Jeffrey Von Glahn @ 3RD RRBC PIF WEEK


Talented author and Rave Reviews Book Club member


Jeffrey Von Glahn


First time I met Jeffrey was during a blog tour designed by 4WillsPublishing to promote his unbelievable  – in the best sense possible – book ‘Jessica: The autobiography of an infant’. 

Ever since then, I often meet him online during Book Club discussions and on RRBC website.

Today, for Pay it Forward Week, I was glad to dig a little deeper and found some interesting stuff about him on his Author Page on Amazon:

Jeffrey Von Glahn has been a psychotherapist for 45 years, and counting. That experience has been, and continues to be, more exciting and fulfilling than he had ever imagined. On occasion, he has been known to suddenly exclaim, “If I believed in reincarnation – which I don’t – but if I did my fondest wish would be to come back as one.” What has been especially rewarding for him is when he has been able to help someone reconnect with a “lost” part of their basic humanness. That’s when he feels that he has helped to give birth to a new human being. “I don’t mean that literally, of course, but there’s no other way of explaining how I feel when I’m sitting face-to-face with someone and I see such a dramatic change.”

Beginning as far back as his days as a graduate student, Jeffrey – as he prefers to be called – has always believed that crying created the most profound change. He is quick to point out, however, that only a particular way of crying will do. That is, when it spontaneously occurs during a session rather than as a forced response to an unexpected event in everyday life. With some clients, such a change can happen with just a minute or two of deep crying; while with others it could take many months. While this degree of change is not always possible, Jeffrey has discovered that it can occur with far more people than most of his colleagues seem to think.

Jeffrey began his career at a clinic where he gained a great deal of experience with a wide variety of clients. He left after seven years to take on more challenging cases, which required more innovative methods than were welcomed at an agency that had a public image to worry about. “It was the second most important decision in my life,” he says. As if the goddess of all things psychological had been reading his thoughts, his very first client presented a problem that he had never heard of – and one that he had never imagined as ever being a problem. Many years later that pioneering adventure was told in Jessica: The autobiography of an infant. It would not have happened if he had not have immediately agreed – his most important decision – to Jessica’s bold request for multiple-hour sessions in hopes of a therapeutic breakthrough.




Jessica had always feared that the unthinkable had happened when she had been “made up.” She had no sense of herself as a needing, wanting person. Every day she expected to be dragged into court and found guilty of impersonating a real human being. In her therapy, she remembered in vivid detail many experiences from the earliest days of her life. In the process, she discovered that the difficulties she experienced in being born and the inattentive, hurried behavior of her mother in the ensuing weeks made her feel that the needing, wanting part of her was “dangerous” and that she “had to stay away from it.” All of Jessica’s remembrances were audio-taped and edited for inclusion in the book.
Jessica had always been terrified that the unthinkable had happened when  she was “made up.” In her mind, there was no other explanation for what she experienced when she said “I need” or “I want.” The second these words flew from her mouth she felt as if she were floating hundreds of miles above the earth and that her mind was about to dissolve into chaos. If someone had said to her, “I never hear you say ‘I need’ or ‘I want,'” her crisp reply would have been, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Those words would have been followed by an urgent “I have to go.”
Jessica lived in constant dread of someone discovering who – or what – she really was. She was certain that, if her secret ever leaked out, strangers would suddenly encircle her and, with arms raised and fingers pointed directly at her, shout “Imposter! Imposter! Here’s the imposter!” The next day’s headlines would then surely read: SCIENTISTS GATHER TO EXAMINE ALIEN IMPOSTER.
Jessica future – if not her sanity – depended on her preventing that from happening. She decided that the best way to do that was to act as if she really was a needing, wanting person. Accordingly, she did whatever she sensed was expected of her, and in a way that would avoid upsetting anyone and keep her as inconspicuous as possible.
Until Jessica entered therapy as an adult, she had no way of knowing how she had become such a mystery to herself. When she was well into her therapy, she started to remember many experiences from the first weeks of her infancy that would provide the answer. During that time in her life, when every minute of it should have been filled with exciting discoveries about herself and her world, she rarely saw a smiling face, or experienced a soft caress, or heard a tender voice, or felt her body being handled in a gentle way.
A few of her many remembrances included her sense in being born of wanting to add one more “good thing” to that “big, working thing” she sensed was out there. Unfortunately, her reception by the medical team made her feel that all she had done was to cause problems for them “because I wasn’t doing it right.” Another remembrance was how the anesthesia given to her mother made her feel that she had suddenly lost control over her body. Yet another memory was how her mother’s overall hurried and inattentive behavior in the following weeks made her to feel that she was a disappointment.
For Jessica’s therapist, hearing these recollections was like listening to an infant who could talk describe every psychologically dramatic moment of its life as it was happening. All of those recollections were audio-taped and included in this book in edited form for ease of reading.





Book Trailer








 Hmm… where was I? Oh, yes… I was about to introduce today’s guest!

I apologize but I always get distracted when I visit this talented author’s website and am greeted with the vision … I mean, the picture above. LOL

Please welcome



Michelle serves at the Governing Board of Rave Reviews Book Club (if you’re not a member JOIN NOW – where else can you find great and supportive people and initiatives like this PAY IT FORWARD WEEK?).

That’s where I met her and learned to admire her style – discreet and quiet presence, which translates into few but insightful and funny remarks. The kind of person I need to learn a thing or two from since I’m too loud and exaggerated! LOL

But I’ll let Michelle tell you about herself:

“Hi, I’m MICHELLE ABBOTT. I’ve lived all my life in the UK. I’m a mother to two awesome children who are now adults. My own mother regularly took me to the library as a child, so I’ve grown up with a love of reading. I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I was old enough to hold a pen. I remember winning a writing contest at school and being too nervous to go on stage to collect my prize; my father had to accept the prize on my behalf. I’m no longer so shy, but I’m still somewhat of an introvert. I’ve written three new adult romance books, my latest being ‘Just Stay’ which I published in May. I’m currently working on my fourth book. I love the support we get from Rave Reviews Book Club and I’m delighted to serve in the role of HOSPITALITY Co-ordinator!”


 Trailer on YouTube


Barnes & Noble
Trailer on YouTube 



Trailer on YouTube​


​Trailer on YouTube

Author Page on Amazon

Author Page on GoodReads












Joy Nwosu LoBamijoko

 When I think of this amazing author, who I met at Rave Reviews Book Club, the radiant smile in the picture above – same one that’s on the cover of her book – is what pops into my mind. So I naturally associate Joy with… well, joy!

And isn’t it a wonderful thing, I mean, being associated with such a good feeling? Let me tell you that this lady lives up to the promise in her name, and then some, once you have a chance to interact with her more closely.

In a group where supportive people abound, like RRBC, Joy stands out because of her awesome, tireless support of others. She’s everywhere – visiting blog tours, tweeting, commenting on the Book Club’s website and, mostly, reading and reviewing other members’ books. She is a sweetheart and I’m delighted to have her visiting today.

Here’s a little bit about Joy Nwosu LoBamijoko:

Joy Nwosu was born in Enugu, Anambra State of south-eastern Nigeria. Her parents were Charles Belonwu and Deborah Nwosu. She is the fifth in rank of the seven children of her parents. Joy was born into a music family.

Joy, now retired, was a music teacher, trained in Santa Cecilia, Rome, and obtained her Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of Michigan, USA.

She has written and published extensively on national and international scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers.


Her short story I Come from Utopia was published in African Voices, Spring/Summer, 2007, pg. 18, and her first English novel; Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women was published in 2011, and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Contest in 2012. She has also two books published in the Italian language.


She is a trained musician, and taught music for 35 years. She writes and records folk songs.


 There’s no better way to thank authors than reading and reviewing their books.



Legend of the Walking Dead: Igbo Mythologies is a journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos of Nigeria. The book draws readers into the Igbo people’s ancient and traditional beliefs about life and death.

There is a very thin line dividing the land of the living and the land of the dead, so thin that spirits from both lands coexist. Sometimes, during the story, it is difficult to differentiate between the living and the dead. Both have bodies; the living existing in their bodies, while the dead exist in (are using) borrowed bodies.

Fifteen-year-old Osondu has disappeared. His mother goes searching for her son and faces the same fate. She too goes missing.

The gods are ever present, in control, and minister to both the living and the dead. This is because the gods minister to the spirits, not the bodies that harbor them. To the gods, the spirits of both the living and the dead are ever alive.

The world of the traditional Igbo society is a world in which the dead visit and interact easily with the living. It is also a world in which most of the time the living are at the mercy of the gods.




In Mirror of Our Lives, four Nigerian women share the compelling tales of their troubled lives and failed marriages, revealing how each managed to not only survive, but triumph under difficult and repressive circumstances.

Njide, Nneka, Miss Nelly, and Oby relive their stories of passion, deceit, heartache, and strength as they push through life—each on a unique journey to attain happiness, self-respect and inner peace. But none of the women’s journeys is without misjudgments and missteps. Njide falls in love at first sight, marries Tunji too quickly, and is dismayed when Tunji shows his true colors. Nneka once thought that she and Oji were the perfect couple—until Oji traveled to the United States. Miss Nelly is a kind and good-natured woman who allows everyone to take advantage of her—even her husband, whom she married only for his name. But everyone wonders why Oby and Mat even married at all, for their marriage was a battle from the very beginning.

The tales in Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women will inspire womenaround the world to never give up, to discover a sense of worth, and most of all, to learn to love themselves above everyone else.


Author Page on Amazon

Author Page on GoodReads





Website 1

Website 2