Just Released

Making out in stairwells has never been this hot.

Las Vegas was just the beginning. After their sinful Easter weekend, Natalie and Steve must learn to work together.


How can I choose my battles when I am up against a rebellious inner teenager? And have I mentioned I’m waging a war against a persistent attraction to Mr. Stephen Clark?

The way my breathing hitches means the painkillers are kicking in.

It is not like I need Steve around or anything. I am just being practical. Getting rid of my tight skirt while battling drowsiness from the meds could cause further damage to my ankle.

What if I stumble and fall? No. Holding on to Steve’s brawny upper arms while he strips off my clothes makes perfect sense.



Warring with my body’s reaction to Nat’s proximity is taking a toll on me.

Who knew haggling over rates, fees, and deadlines could be this sexy?

Now, I’m caught up in this tight spot: prancing around hotels in New York with Natalie Todeschini by my side, while holding a briefcase as a shield to avoid public embarrassment.

But, when she needs a helping hand, I’m right there by her side, inching her skirt down her wide hips and shapely legs, supporting her staggering steps as she stumbles toward the hotel bed.

I’ll just sit on the chair and watch over her until she falls asleep. I want to make sure she won’t hurt herself. I can do this.


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