Innocence for Sale Book Blitz Ada Scott ( #3) Publication date: October 13th 2017 Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense If Looks Could Kill… He’d Have Killed Even More People… Jane Would I sell my innocence to save my grandfather’s life? In a heartbeat. My dreams of immersing myself in the world of art will have to be put on … Continue reading Innocence for Sale Book Blitz

Other Worlds Book Blitz

Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance Publication date: October 17th 2017 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction Journey into a multiverse beyond the boundaries of your imagination… 21 award-winning and best-selling authors bring you the best of PARANORMAL and SCI-FI ROMANCE in this enticing boxed set of exclusive … Continue reading Other Worlds Book Blitz

Andre Book Blitz

André Sybil Bartel (Uncompromising #3) Publication date: October 16th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance André The Marines trained me to set my sights and wait for the shot. For eight years, I guarded my brothers and defended my country. Now I protect my clients. My personal security firm is the best in the business because … Continue reading Andre Book Blitz

Ashes to Memories Book Blitz

Ashes to Memories Annie Anderson (Ashes to Ashes #5) Publication date: October 13th 2017 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance What she doesn’t know just might kill her. Nicola is having trouble settling into her new life. Memories assault her at every turn – even in her dreams. When a friend comes to her for aid, Nicola … Continue reading Ashes to Memories Book Blitz

Just Friends Book Blitz

Just Friends Elizabeth Grey (The Agency, #1) Publication date: September 15th 2017 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance Why did her heart have to choose him? Violet Archer has her dream job at one of London’s top advertising agencies, and the fact she gets to work with Ethan Fraser every day makes it even better. He’s the … Continue reading Just Friends Book Blitz

Sure Thing Book Blitz

Sure Thing Jana Aston Publication date: October 10th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance A new STANDALONE romance from New York Times bestselling author Jana Aston Have you ever set out to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger? No? I’m the only one? Just kidding, I would never. Ever. Not usually. But then … Continue reading Sure Thing Book Blitz

Murder Feels Awful Book Blitz

Murder Feels Awful Bill Alive (Empath Detective, #1) Publication date: October 10th 2017 Genres: Mystery, New Adult He can feel people’s emotions. And murderers feel awful. Mark Falcon can “vibe” other people’s emotions … and they’re usually super painful. So he hides out in rural Virginia, making websites for clients he never has to meet. … Continue reading Murder Feels Awful Book Blitz