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Eye Candy Book Blast


Eye Candy

by Pauline Allan






Gavin Rossi is one sexy piece of Eye Candy wrapped in a tight body and sweet smile. The hot breath on his neck, the mesmerizing rhythm as he rolls his hips, the strong chest rising and falling beneath his hands make for a distraction he’s terrified to see play out.

When Dutch Williamson feels a set of perfectly sculpted thighs slipping over his lap, the last thing his liquor-hazed brain registers is this is my future. The tempting piece of Eye Candy grinding on his lap is going to cut him at the knees, and he knows it.

This is a dance. This is a tease. God, this is so much more.

Book is $0.99 at Amazon



The thought of going back to the crowded apartment after his shift made Mr. Stranger that much more important. Every customer counted as one step closer to being on his own. Granted, sharing a room with three guys didn’t compare to living on the streets, but dreams could change. Life meant more than a warm bed now.

The song switched. A new rhythm pulsed through the air, and they all bobbed their heads to the hypnotic vibe. Knowing the rhythm by heart, he stuffed the dark memories in his life into the hole where he’d pushed all the other messed-up experiences and focused on the gentleman’s wide-eyed expression.

Had his sexy new customer noticed the thickness behind his stretched white shorts? The way those eyes widened gave away the secret. Ah, two bets to one, the swelling behind that zipper had nothing to do with a balled-up sock.

Tingles sparked down his thighs when his toes finally tapped the rough tips of a pair of black boots. “Can I dance for you?”

Watching the man’s Adam’s apple bob before he nodded lent all the confidence anyone would ever need. Gavin filled his lungs and parted his knees, planted them on either side of Mr. Stranger’s lap, and gripped the back of the couch. Unruly silky waves tickled his cheek when he leaned forward.

“I can touch you, but you can’t touch me. Don’t grab my butt. Okay?” Jesus, he never wanted that to happen again.

Mr. Stranger cleared his throat. The guttural sound massaged the side of Gavin’s cheek, forcing him to dig his knees into the cushions.

“Got it.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Pauline lives in the Midwest with her hero husband, two handsome boys, one ornery cat, and a lovely Pitbull. She enjoys writing erotic romance for all readers. From MM contemporary romance series to LGBT fairytales, Pauline shares stories that she holds close to her heart. By day Pauline is a special care baby registered nurse and by night a hopeless romantic. She loves to travel to New Orleans twice a year to recharge her creative battery and enjoy a bag full of powdered sugar covered beignets. Sit down, relax and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Come say hello at:




Instagram: paulineallan_author




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Yours and Mine Blog Tour + Review

Yours And Mine
Christine Duval
(Freshman Forty #2)
Publication date: February 10th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

The highly anticipated sequel to Positively Mine….

Picking up from the dramatic ending of Positively Mine, Yours and Mine continues the Freshman Forty series as we meet Danny Santoro, Laurel’s baby’s father, for the first time.

It’s been almost a year since he last saw her, that sultry morning she walked off the beach before dawn had even cracked the August sky. It seemed from her silence, she was out of his life forever.

But Laurel’s timing couldn’t be worse to tell him he’s a father. The last year hasn’t been easy. Danny’s own father was arrested for a DUI, his mother moved out, and Danny started sleeping with his brother’s old high school, drug-abusing girlfriend.

After Laurel shocks him with the news, she attempts to relinquish Danny of any parental responsibility leading to a heated custody battle. In an unorthodox arrangement, an eccentric judge orders Danny and Laurel to spend alternating weekends with each other for the upcoming school year.

Told from Danny’s point of view, Yours and Mine explores the second chapter of a romance that never got off the ground, the challenges of young parenting, and the hope of rekindled love.

Goodreads / Amazon

My Review

5* Engaging read

I don’t normally read young adult novels because I tend to be annoyed by the characters typically depicted in this genre. NOT THIS ONE. I’m sure the fact that the book is told from Danny’s perspective had an enormous influence in my enjoyment of Yours and Mine. I’m a sucker for male POV, both as a reader and a writer. And his does not disappoint.

Christine Duval did a great job fleshing out the characters and developing interesting settings and interactions, which are realistic and believable. I’m too old to control my eye-rolling at some situations, but that just proves my point that the book is well-written and in touch with reality. I’d never knock off stars in a review for disagreeing with the characters or plot, as long as they are well-rounded, if you know what I mean.

I don’t do write spoilers because I don’t appreciate reading them, but I can safely say that I was able to follow the story without having read the first book. I’m sure I’d have a different opinion about Laurel’s character if I had read her side of the story in the first installment. However, not reading it didn’t prevent me from understanding the plot in the second book. Again, in my opinion, this is evidence of the author’s ability to tell a story.

If you are a fan of YA, Yours and Mine is a must-read. If you’re not, Yours and Mine is a must-read because you couldn’t ask for a better way to start.


Author Bio:

Christine Duval lives in New Jersey with her family. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Women Who Write, and the Authors Guild.

When not creating fictional characters or organizing carpools, you can find her walking through houses and writing about them for an upscale real estate company. She also has an extensive social media background and has worked for several well-known magazines.

Find her online at http://www.christineduval.com or on Twitter @christineduval1.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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Perfect Tenn

✫´*•.¸¸.•*★´*•.¸¸.•*✫ ⭐ It’s Live⭐ ★¸.•*´*•.¸✫¸.•*´*•.¸★ 

Perfect Tenn 

By, Heather Dahlgren  

PT Live.pngRelease Date: 2/14/17

Get it exclusively on Amazon



What can I say about my life? 

I teach four-year old’s, my friends are few and far between, and my parents’ sex talk would make a Playboy Bunny blush. Dating, well I think my drawer of toys can answer that, just ask my mother. I live with my best friend who I can’t survive without – Oh did I forget to mention he is sexy as f*ck.

Tennyson, my best friend, decides he will figure out my love life. My hero, not really. His idea of helping me out is setting me up with loser after loser while he bangs every skank in the city. However, with a little persistence from him, much unwanted advice from my mom and pushing from my friends, I give date after shitty date a try. 

Thing is, something holds me back. Something I can’t exactly put my finger on. I solicit Tenn’s help to fix the potential problem. Bad Idea. It won’t be easy, it will be fun, but shit I hope it’s worth it. 

I’m Regan Banks and my life is about to change, big time.

perfecttennteaser3.pngHeather DahlgrenBio:
Heather Dahlgren writes Contemporary Romance, sprinkling each book with a bit of humor, a lot of naughty and true love. She self-published her first book in 2014 and continues to do so today. Her over active mind promises the stories are in no short
supply. Heather grew up and still resides at the Jersey shore. She loves being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pine Barrens. She is surrounded by the best of both worlds.She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three kids. There is nothing more important in the world to her then her family. When Heather isn’t writing you can find her getting lost in a great book, spending time with family and helping her fellow authors.



Follow Heather on:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorHeatherDahlgren                                   
Twitter: http://twitter.com/HeatherDahlgren
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00LNTFE2G

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8202664.Heather_Dahlgren
Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bdyss9
Reader group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1388028314829772/



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New Cover – Free Book




FREE UNTIL 02/11 11:59 pm Pacific time


When a big Hollywood star, a gorgeous Dom, and a kinky ghost meet at an exclusive sex club in New Orleans sparks fly and the temperature gets scorching hot. The Alpha males will taunt the reluctant sub and test her limits. But how much pleasure can a person endure? Will she break or ask for more?
Join Clara, Sam and Marcel at the best-kept secret in New Orleans – Club Desire. Here’s where celebrities come to indulge in their darkest fantasies. Watch Clara discover her hard limits as wells as you test your own in this exciting short-story.

*** This 8,100-word short is intended for adults only due to its graphic language plus kinky sex scenes involving an alpha Dom, a wicked ghost, and a naughty red-head, lots of sex toys, Domination, submission, and mild spanking.***


Once in a Blue Kentucky Moon

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon
Alexa Bloom
(The Harrisons #1)
Publication date: January 31st 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance

Not in a million years did Tatum O’Connor imagine she’d ever end up at Lockwood Farm. She’d dreamed of seeing it, like other kids dreamed of visiting Disneyland. Fast forward several years and Tatum is on the run from a haunting past. Though she’s made it to Lockwood Farm romance is the furthest thing from her mind. Now the only thing Tatum wants to do is keep her head down and work with the horses she adores—if only she didn’t have to deal with the farm’s owner, Blake Harrison. Drop dead gorgeous and cocky to boot, Blake’s the poster boy for everything Tatum’s trying to avoid. Yet despite her best intentions, the sizzling attraction between them is seducing Tatum into breaking the one promise she vowed she’d never break. As she grapples with the sensuous power of Blake’s devastating kisses, the past she thought she’d outrun is closing in fast. And time…has just run out.

Blake’s relentless hard work turned his late father’s legacy Lockwood Farm, into a thriving five-star racehorse training facility—until a freak run of bad luck has pushed it to the verge of bankruptcy. Blake’s counting on Diamond Lad to pull off the most spectacular win in horse racing at the prestigious Kentucky Derby, but when blustering owner Max McManis yanks his multi-million dollar stallion out of Lockwood—Blake is at his wit’s end. On top of that, the arrival of stunning, enigmatic Tatum O’Connor, has him doubly sucker-punched. Despite her inexplicable hostility toward him, Blake falls hard and fast for the feisty new stable-hand, whose endless chocolate doe-eyes make it damn near impossible for him to keep his hands—and lips, off her. But as Tatum’s tangled web of secrets starts to unravel, Blake is rocked by the discovery of a devastating secret that has him caught between a rock and a hard place. Now he has to decide between the family farm he cherishes, and saving the woman he’s come to love.

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon is the first book in The Harrisons, a series capturing the perfect blend of heart, emotion and steamy romance.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / iBooks


The consigner stood abruptly and ran a meaty hand over the horse’s back. As he did so, Blake noticed the colt’s big black eyes tracking his every move. The animal gave an irritable toss of the head and nickered ominously.

“He has real nice withers here,” The man continued. “Nice short back, his top line is real nice. In fact, I’d have to say, this colt’s got near perfect conformation all round. Folks,” he said, looking them both in the eye. “You are not gonna see better angles for racing—on a horse anywhere.”

Stargazer puffed and snorted impatiently, pawed at the ground as the consigner skimmed a hand along his back and moved to the rear of the horse. The girl gave a sharp tug on the reins to settle him.

“Now if you’ll look at the rump here folks, you’ll see where all that power comes from. This horse has a very dynamic hip, there’s a lot of power right here—” The man slapped the horse’s rump and with a strangled whinny, whippet-fast Stargazer shot out a hind leg, catching the man square on the shin.

“Aarghhh!” The consigner bellowed, diving for his throbbing leg with a painful grimace. “You goddamn cantankerous, son of satan!”

Stargazer!” The girl tugged hard again. “Stop it!

“Ah, you better take a step back there,” Blake said to the consigner. “He doesn’t seem to be in the best of moods right now.”

The man’s face paled as he realized he was still well within striking distance. He quickly hopped out of range. “Dang horse forgets his manners sometimes, is all.” He rubbed his leg gingerly and straightened with a grimace. “If you gentlemen will excuse me a few moments, I’m gonna go get some ice on this real quick. I’ll leave you to ah, peruse the animal. And ah—”

Spinning on his heel, he hobbled stiffly toward the barn, waved a puffy hand in the general direction of the white cowgirl hat on the other side of the horse. “The young lady there will answer any questions you may have. Be right back.”

Face contorting, Blake stifled a snort of laughter. Yeah, those kicks hurt like hell, he’d certainly had his share, but the guy worked with horses for crying out loud, couldn’t he read the animal? And as for slapping him on the butt, well that was just plain dumb.

“He wouldn’t be the first thoroughbred in history with a mean streak.” Mike said, breaking into Blake’s thoughts.

Blake caught him biting down on a grin. “Yeah I grant you, or maybe he’s just a great judge of character. You know that guy was right about one thing, though.”

“Oh yeah?”

“He did have a lot of power in that hip.”

Mike let out a loud guffaw, then remembering they still had company, tried unsuccessfully to disguise it with a cough. “Seriously though Blake, you’re not gonna walk away from this fella just because he’s a little high strung, are you?”

“Little high strung?” Blake raised an eyebrow at him. “There’s high strung and there’s ornery as a goddamn mule.”

“Well, alright, but he’s such a beauty.” Mike tried again. “You gotta agree, colts like this don’t come along every day of the week.”

”I know. And the guy was right about the angles. But he’s got a temper like a junkyard dog.” Blake shook his head, as he eyed the cantankerous colt. “I don’t know. I think that stubborn streak could prove too much of a liability. He’s gotta be trainable.”

He crossed to the colt and ran a hand over his silky coat. Two big dark eyes regarded him with a twinkle, seemed to exude a lively intelligence. “What’s eating you boy?” The animal’s ears twitched in response. “Don’t like people? Is that it?” Reaching into his back pocket, Blake produced a carrot and the colt devoured it greedily.

“You were right about him being a beauty,” Blake said, twisting around toward Mike. “He definitely ticks a lot of boxes. But the way things are at the farm right now, I can’t risk it. I just can’t justify the expense on a horse that probably won’t pay his way.”

“I still say you should take some time to think—“

Teeth bared, the colt snapped his head around and tried to nip at Blake’s hand. “Hey!” Blake sprang back, whipping his hand out of the horse’s reach. “No you don’t buddy! Didn’t anybody ever tell you not to bite the hand that feeds you!”

Stargazer!” The girl cursed from the other side of the colt, yanking on his reins. “Will you quit trying to pull my arm off!”

Cheeky bugger had nearly gotten the better of him, Blake chastised himself. He should have known better than to let himself get distracted like that. The girl was keeping a white-knuckle grip on Stargazer’s reins now he noticed, but it was too late. There was no way he was buying this colt. Stargazer had a truckload of attitude and just flat out didn’t like being told what to do.

The ever-present knot in his gut twisted, turned. Damn it. When he’d seen the colt amble out of the barn earlier, he’d really thought this could be the one—the champion racer he desperately needed to save Lockwood Farm.

Instead, he’d just seen his last ditch hope to save his Daddy’s farm go up in smoke.


Tension thrummed through Tatum’s veins, as she kept her head down. Her nerves were wound so tight, she felt like she was going to explode. Thank goodness she’d worn her big white hat to work today, because it was turning out to be a life-saver.

Still, despite the nerve-wracking situation she found herself in, a smirk crept onto her face. Stargazer kicking Buzz in the shins had been the funniest thing she’d seen in a long time. It had taken all her self-restraint not to laugh out loud, but she’d made it this far, she had to keep it together a little longer.

She’d had an absolute heart attack when she’d spied Uncle Mike from the barn. She’d immediately told Buzz she wasn’t feeling well, had begged him to let Enrique lead Stargazer out instead. But true to form, Buzz had told her to quit her moaning and get her butt outside pronto. He’d said he had a great prospect and he wasn’t about to lose him on her account.

Now she was standing here with just a horse between her and her Uncle Mike, hoping to goodness he didn’t realize it was her. Luckily for her, he’d seemed so completely besotted with Stargazer—he wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to the girl on the other side of the horse. Otherwise, she might have had some explaining to do.

What the heck was Mike doing out here at the sales yard anyway, she wondered. He wasn’t a horse trader. He was a veterinarian, consulting at whatever farm happened to call him in to come treat an ailing horse. It must have something to do with that guy he was with, she thought. Mike was probably advising him whether Stargazer was a good buy or not.

The guy had been pretty darn hot actually, Tatum mused. Not that she could see him now, but with his hot body and smouldering blue eyes, he’d made quite an impression when she’d spied him from the barn earlier.

He was rugged. A man’s man, she knew the type. Exactly the type she’d vowed to stay the hell away from, from now on in her life. Never again was she going to fall for the good-looking guy with the great body and the over-sized ego to match. They were arrogant as hell and mean to boot. God knew, she could vouch for that first-hand.

But right now, something about the guy was tugging at her consciousness. He was familiar somehow, though she just couldn’t think how. Well, it would come to her later. Right now, she just had to keep her head down and stay out of sight. Whatever the reason Uncle Mike hadn’t spotted her, she planned on keeping it that way. She wasn’t ready to deal with things, yet. Not any of it.


Author Bio:

Hi folks,

I’d like to be able to tell you I was one of those people who told stories from the age of two, wrote them voraciously from age three and a half, and spent my entire life in a library reading any book I could lay my hands on from that point forward. But sadly…that would be a complete fiction. (Ironic, isn’t it?)

The fact is, I’m one of those people who could never quite figure out what to do with their lives. I’ve worked variously in office admin, as a teacher, singer, voice-over artist, colour consultant… If you can think of it, chances are I’ve probably tried it:)

Fast forward one change of country (Australia to Canada) and two children later, I don’t think I found writing so much, as it found me. And I’m sure glad it did, because I can finally say I’ve found what I’m supposed to do:)

I’ve loved writing my first contemporary romance series The Harrisons, and I hope you’ll enjoy meeting each of the seven Harrison siblings as much as I have.

Happy reading

XXX Alexa

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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Faking it with Damian – Book Blitz

Faking It with Damian
DJ Hunnam
Publication date: January 23rd 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance

I don’t do relationships…especially not with egotistical jerks like my new boss, Damian Wood. The man is vile, arrogant, condescending… and scorching hot. If he weren’t my boss and a grade-A a*&hole, I would turn on my world-famous charm and seduce the pants right off the man. But giving in to his undeniable allure might just cost me my job. Or worse yet, my heart.

I’m a prick…and Janice Holder’s new boss. Which means I should stay away, but I’ve never claimed to be a nice guy. If I don’t get my twisted fascination under control, it will only be a matter of time before I bend her over my desk and screw her. Hard. The way I’ve imagined no fewer than a thousand times since we met. I’m playing with fire and neither of us can afford to get burned, but landing in hot water might just be worth the risk.

Faking It is a full-length, standalone office romance. It contains steamy scenes with a ton of heat and strong language intended for mature audiences.

Goodreads / Amazon


I slipped into the hallway and headed straight for Damian’s office. His door was shut, but I barged in, slamming the door behind me. With his Bluetooth headset in, he glanced up and smiled until he saw my glower.

“What did you do?” I hissed.

“Hey, I’m going to have to call you back,” Damian said to the person on the other end.

I paced back and forth as he said his goodbyes. The musky scent of his cologne permeated my senses and my body hummed in spite of my anger. He’d cut his hair since the last time I’d seen him and faint tan lines highlighted his cheekbones, I assumed from skiing. The man was sexy as hell and being enclosed with him was bringing back all of the things we’d done the last time we were in a room together.a”Hello, sweetheart. Long time no see,” he said as he leaned back in his chair and regarded me with a wry grin. His eyes trailed down my body.

“Don’t ‘sweetheart’ me.” ”Is that any way to greet your man after four long days apart?” ”What the hell is going on? Cindy just blindsided me in the bathroom.”

“Word sure does travel fast around here. I apologize you had to hear the happy news from someone else, but maybe if you hadn’t hidden in your office all day or if you’d bothered to answer any of my calls, I would have been able to fill you in.”

My face flushed hot, but I refused to let him goad me. “Fill me in now.”

“Why don’t you sit down?”

“I don’t want to sit down,” I yelled.

“Settle down. A lovers’ quarrel would be suspicious so soon after our big announcement.” He gathered his bottom lip between his teeth to hold back the grin threatening to erupt.

I stopped in front of his desk and placed both hands on the top. “I swear, if you don’t stop fucking around, I’m going to scream so loud that everyone in this building will know the truth.”

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are when you’re angry?”

Shaking my head with disgust, I spun around and headed straight to the door, but he was on his feet and in front of me faster than I could blink. A man his size should not have been able to move that fast. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared.

“Get out of my way.” ”No. I’m not letting you run and hide again.”

I stomped over to his cabinet where I knew he hid the booze. I needed a drink in order to get through this conversation. I leaned over and rifled around until I felt his body sidle up behind me. His tight groan made me glance over my shoulder and I watched as his eyes trailed up my legs and landed on my ass.

“Could you be any more inappropriate?” I questioned as I poured the amber liquid into a glass.

“I’d hardly call ogling inappropriate. Now, fucking you on my desk… that would be inappropriate.”

Pinpricks of warmth erupted between my legs. With a few dirty words, the man could put all of my good intentions to waste.

“Comments like that are what got us into this mess in the first place,” I said as I breezed past him, pretending that his words had no effect. Settling into a chair, I took a large gulp and relished the burn as the liquid trailed down my throat and into my churning stomach.

He chuckled and poured himself a drink, watching me from over his shoulder. After sauntering back, he leaned against his desk, stretching his long legs out in front of him. His proximity was disarming and I considered bolting again, but took another sip of liquid courage instead.

“And what a mess it is,” he murmured.


Author Bio:

First introduced to the genre by her grandmother, DJ Hunnam is an author with a true love for great romance novels. After reading hundreds of them over the last twenty years, she finally decided to put pen to paper and craft her own happily ever afters (HEA). She loves to write about strong heroines who fall in love with even sexier heroes, while tackling real-world problems. Her books are packed with sizzling scenes sure to make you blush.

A scientist by day and author by night, DJ Hunnam straddles the fence between the mundane and the erotic on a daily basis. When she isn’t writing, you might find her curled up with a book, chasing her two wild sons, or pursuing her own HEA with her husband of ten years. She’s a sucker for dark chocolate, a good bottle of Malbec, and a sexy six-pack.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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Cover Reveal – Lyrical Lights

Lyrical Lights
Maria La Serra
Publication date: Spring 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

He was the oxidizer, to my metal.

The crazy thing is, I believed we could have made it but sparkles only give a brief burst of light, then you’re only left in the abyss of blackness.

He went right, and I went left.


When Mable Harper gets a chance to become a fashion model, she leaves her old life behind and moves to New York. However, she quickly learns the backlash of the high-pressure and competitive career that maybe she wasn’t cut out for this business. After being dropped by her agent and relentlessly unlucky in love, she spends the lasts few days tying up loose ends before returning home and that’s all she intended to do until her life collides with Simon Rowe, but the moment she meets him, she knew it could only be bittersweet.


Simon Rowe is a fashion photographer who marches to the beat of his drum. Never had any wish for success, only wanted to keep doing what he loved without getting tangled in the hype. Simon had suffered enough loss in the past that there was no room for anything else than his career, that is until one fateful hot summer night he meets the golden Aphrodite. He quickly comes to her rescue and realized she would be impossible to resist, but only when he gives Mable a chance, and lands her on a fashion shoot of a high-profile glossy magazine, sets the wheels in motion. Now he’s at risk of losing her for good if he doesn’t come clean about his past but that would mean confronting his deep regret. He knows he had broken his number one rule, and that’s never get involved with the people you work with.


When Love is on autofocus … Either a perfect picture or a miss of a promised one.

Can their love thrive under the lights?

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Author Bio:

Maria La Serra, a fashion designer, turned writer, lives in Montreal with her husband and two children. She will try everything at least once, except for skiing, hiking or camping-okay anything relating to activities done in the great outdoors. The Proverbial Mr. Universe is her first novel.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter