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On September 3rd 2015, a blog I posted about the OMP – read here – received over 100 comments. Today, Jason Greenfield (@JayGreenfield) creator and organizer of OMP has interesting news about it that I’d like to share with you all!


Hi – i hope everyone can still see this. If not i will ask Liz to reblog.

Having just finished a time consuming bit of work doing CreateSpace book versions (One Million Project going on by Mid Oct) i can now dedicate myself to other tasks such as finding our final artists for the OMP.

If you or anyone you know wants to be involved, the following stories need promo artists. I am trying to get 4 pieces per story, one of which will be done in the style of a cover (complete with title) and reflecting characters and scenes in the story.

Art will mainly be used for accompanying promos and future print versions and as an artist you will be an official OMP Contributor and part of our network, credited for your work (which remains your intellectual property and can be used elsewhere at your discretion) and can call on us to help promote your general projects. You’ll also have a contributors profile on the official website.

Deadlines – i know it may not seem like you have much time as we plan to launch in November, but the rollout/promo period will last 12 months, so there is plenty of scope. Although of course the quicker work is made available, the more time you’ll have in the promotional spotlight.

Unassigned stories:

3: Pray to the Void by NYTimes bestseller list author TONY O’NEILL. Hyper real tale about the misadventures of drug addicts just out of rehab.
4. The Diary of an Inconsequential Man – humorous journal story by me. Illustrative artist required.
5. The Little Christmas Tree by Paul Skelton. Animated look/Pixar style required – 3 pieces. Cover piece is assigned.
6. The Catman in the Case of the Unnoficial Tontine by me. Victorian detective/pulp mysteryman. Pulp illustrative or steam punk style required.
8. Those Who Would Resist My Rule by me. Space opera/sci-fi. Painted/illustrated 50’s sci-fi pulp style required. Think Dan Dare or Flash Gordon.
10. The Golden Legion by me. Fantasy artist required. Illustrative/painted.
14. Jack Knife by Cosmo Clinton – story about 2 young guys adventures on their way to a festival. Art open to interpretation.
17. Children’s Story by me – a misnomer as its a victorian detective story with grimm’s fairytale elements and anthoromorphic animals – illustrative artist needed who can do Victorian/animals.

Please leave your details with Liz if you or an artist you know are interested. I will look at samples. Please list your top three so if a story is filled, you might still have a chance to do the next on your list.

Thank you,


One thought on “OMP – The One Million Project

  1. Really? A ride with Liz Gavin? Sounds good to me! Not sure about going all the way to Brazil for it though. Anyway, what’s this about Pixar/ Animated stuff for my Xmas tree story? What’s that about? And when does the next OMP book come out? Finding info on what’s happening with OMP is like looking for needles in haystacks, and haystacks make me sneeeeze: Achooo! From Skelly.


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