A Rock Star Series with a Twist

Do you love rock stars? Me too. I also like to write stories a little out of the norm, so expect my trademark steamy scenes, but Knight’s Edge is not your everyday kind of rock star series.

For starters, you will get the chance to follow the band from origin to stardom as you fall in love with these four bad boys and their sassy ladies.

You’ll find second chances, dark pasts, royal family secrets and political intrigue. And did I mention sexy scenes? That too, of course.

From book 1 through book 4 Tristan, Noah, Aidan and Duke will start Knight’s Edge, get it on the road and to the top all while doing their best to win over their soulmates.

That means each book is a standalone because it focuses on an individual member of the band, but there is an overarching theme connecting them.

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