Today I’m delighted to present an awesome author – Beth Hale. She is my third PIF assignment and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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On Feb 3rd 2015, I hosted one stop at her 4Wills Publishing Blog Tour when she promoted Magnolia Secrets. I decided to repeat her text from that day because it tackles an important albeit delicate issue – domestic violence – and I favor any and all attempts on raising people’s awareness about this topic.


 An Ugly Truth

by Beth Hale 

Did you know? One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. 85% of domestic violence victims are women. Historically, females have been most often victimized by someone they knew. Females who are 20-24 years of age are at the greatest risk of nonfatal intimate partner violence. Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police. (Statistics taken from http://www.ncadv.com)

Domestic Violence is a topic that people often shy away from. It’s almost like a taboo subject that carries a “What goes on behind closed doors is nobody’s business” line of reasoning. But people see and hear and speculate and gossip.

I know. I grew up in a home fueled with alcohol and domestic violence.

There has been more attention brought to the subject lately, a larger outcry to end the violence. The recent media frenzy over an incident involving a certain pro-football player showed the world that no one is immune. Anyone from poverty stricken families, to professional athletes, to members of law enforcement can be hiding their pain and shame behind closed doors.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call your local law enforcement or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

Author Bio

Beth Hale writes about what she knows: strong, Southern women and the men who love them. She twines believable characters, realistic circumstances, and heart-felt emotions together to create sassy, sexy contemporary romances. She draws inspiration from the everyday life problems we all face and expands them into vivid, interesting, hard-to-put-down stories.

She learned the joys of reading from her mother, and her love affair with books has only grown stronger. If she isn’t breathing life into a new character, she is trying to make a dent in her large to-be-read pile.

Beth lives in a small town in Mississippi with her own real-life hero and two children. They share the house with a variety of pets. When she is not working her “day job” as an E-911 dispatcher, you can find her curled up on her couch, with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and a notebook.

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After a devastating divorce, Emma is picking up the pieces of her shattered heart and life. Her first step in reclaiming her old job as a personal assistant to famous actress, Norah Jackson. Work takes her to London, where she meets sexy fledgling actor, Jack Brandon. The sizzling attraction is immediate and mutual. Little by little, Emma begins to open her heart again. But Jack has a past, too. And it’s come back to haunt him, wreaking havoc on their budding romance.

Can Emma let go of the hurt and learn to trust Jack completely? Or is their relationship doomed to be a one act play?



Walker and Lainey share one explosive night together and he awakens to find her gone. Shrugging it off as just a glorious one night stand, he accepts a new job in a new town–New Hope, Mississippi. That’s where he finds Lainey again. She just happens to be married to the Chief of Police—and Walker’s new boss.

Lainey is terrified that Walker will divulge their secret. If he does, Lainey is a dead woman. Because she tried to run before and was forced back by Evan’s evil manipulations. She can’t forget her night in Walker’s arms. But she’s trapped in a horrible marriage and there is no way out.

 Walker demands an explanation from Lainey: What secret is she hiding? Why is she so afraid? And when people begin dying in New Hope, he wants to get to the bottom of it. Why is the police chief trying to brush off the deaths? Why doesn’t he want Walker to work the cases? What kind of secrets is he hiding?

They are drawn together, unable to deny their love. But they are each risking their lives. Lainey is desperate to escape; Walker is determined to uncover the truth. Can they expose the secrets before a ruthless man destroys the future they want?


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In Her own words

You’ll find this text on Beth Hale’s website but I thought it’d be a fitting ending to this post. So, here it goes:

Thank you for stopping by. I thought I’d share a bit more about me here. I’ll just throw out some random facts about myself and hope you enjoy learning more about me. –I am short. –My friends call me the Imperial Leader of all Dorkdom –Infomercials were designed with people like me in mind. –I am easily amused. –I dream of travel. –My parents spoiled me. –I used to blindly trust; now, I am a huge conspiracy theorist. –I like vintage and old fashioned. –I have several inappropriate crushes. –I have the vocabulary of a seasoned sailor. –I have little patience with wimps and whiners. –I am not a wimp, but sometimes, I am a whiner. –My thoughts become clearer after midnight. –I am a proud, card-carrying member of several fandoms. And there you go. Just some random, fun facts about me. I’d love to know more about you.

Go on!! Leave your message to Beth in the comments below!!



  1. Thank you for visiting today, Michelle! Everyone’s time is so limited but you never fail to support RRBC members in particular and indie authors in general. You rock, madam!
    Hope your weekend is brilliant!


  2. Yes, Harmony! PIF is always good but this one seems particularly special! Thank YOU for all your support. RRBC members are a cozy, welcoming bunch but some shine with a special light. Your sparkle is one of the brightest! 😀


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