That’s why on February 21, 2015, after reading Bethany Turner’s blog – here –  and finding out about her Marquee Monday Project, where she dedicates her blog to promoting authors instead of herself, I decided to do something similar.

You should check the previous featured authors because they’re great people, supportive of other authors and you’ll find great reads by each one of them: Harmony Kent, Jennifer Hinsmannand Jason Greenfield.


However, in August I didn’t post it when I should have – I apologize for that – but I guess you’ll forgive me for that because I’m going to give you a treat. 😀 I’ve been meaning to feature this awesome writer on my blog for a while but she is a BUSY lady and I can’t organize my time to do all I plan to so… you get my meaning.




Giveback Wednesday is about me promoting other authors who are not only talented but who support other authors as well. And that is why I couldn’t thank Dalia enough for all she’s done for me and other writers even if I posted about her every day for the rest of my life. haha You see, she’s the reason I’ve become a writer and she has always been there for me when I needed her, be it helping promote my books, giving me advice, showing me the pitfalls and traps along the way, but most of all she was the first to encourage me and to see  potential in my writing. This kind of support is PRICELESS.

Now, I cannot post all her books here simply because there’s not enough room hahaha She has published hundreds of short-stories, how-to’s, bundles… and you should check out ALL of them because they are brilliant.





Amazon Author Page




I couldn’t pick a favorite banner so I included them all LOL here’s the link: website.

Finally, I’d like to share with you a post she has authorized me to share. I’ll post others in the coming weeks. This is just a little sample of her talent. HAVE FUN!



Living in a Post-Kindle Unlimited World

August 6, 2015 For Authors Dalia Daudelin

I loved Kindle Unlimited for the 6 or so months I was in it.

I made $12,000 in January, and most of that was from borrows. That money helped me move out, and it got me thinking about finally starting a family.

Then Kindle Unlimited turned 1, and things changed. You probably know the details. KU now pays per page read, which could have been fine… if I was writing novels.

But I’m not. I’m writing short stories. It’s what I’m good at, and it’s what I’ve built my business on. Novels are a goal for me, it’s true. I would love to one day have a pen name just for erotic novels, but for now that isn’t a possibility for me.

Here’s how I’m surviving in a post-KU world:

I left Kindle Unlimited

Yep, I left Kindle Select, and with it I escape the exclusivity agreements. I emailed Amazon to remove all 500+ books from Select, and started the long process to upload them to other retailers.

That process is still ongoing, and with it came a huge dip in earnings. But that’s okay. I can weather 3 or so months of bad sales before I really have to sweat it, and things get better every day.

I try to upload 4 eBooks to Barnes and Noble and 8 to 20 eBooks to Smashwords every day. So far, flooding them has been valuable.

I told Twitter

I am not exactly a fan of social media… but I found myself on Twitter, tweeting about #strikekindleunlimited and#releasetherate. In that time, I’ve gained around 2000 followers and started a real dialog with my followers there. I have since put in the effort to be active there and on my Tumblr.

I’m not sure how much it’s helping sales, but I do feel better knowing I’m not alone in this.

I did a cover update

Actually, I started my cover update a few days before the July 1 change to Kindle Unlimited. Still, the new covers are better than ever, and have the added benefit of putting those books back on the New Releases pages.

I vowed to work hard

I don’t take more than one day off a week. I upload as much as my hands and wrists can handle without burning and hurting the rest of the day. I work on this website a little bit more every day. I’m planning branding updates and changes, and my down time is spent researching branding and SEO tips.

I like that this job usually lets me work and hour or two a day, but after my whole catalog has been set on fire and my world imploded, I knew it meant I either had to fight or die. I chose to fight. I know a few authors who chose to die.

Neither is the “right” answer, but I chose the right answer for me. I love writing, and I’m not going to give it up just because we’re back to a seller’s market instead of a renter’s market.

I’m confident that authors can still succeed in this business. We need only work hard, write faster, and learn how to sell again.



  1. If you want to upload to Google, as well as a whole host of other smaller sites, I found that StreetLib will do this. Streetlib used to be called Narcissus but, as you can imagine, the name wasn’t well received! I intend to start uploading to them this week, but they have a deal with Google Play so it might be worth looking into for yourself, as well!

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  2. I enjoyed this post Liz and Dalia. I started self-publishing in January this year, and at first, I started with select and KU, but I hated all the rules. So, as soon as the 90 days were up, I opted out of select. It had nothing to with the borrow and although I made a little money there it wasn’t enough to stick with giving them exclusive sell rights. The reason I started self-publishing was to be in charge of my books. This went against that. They had all the control. When they told me I could only put my books on sale once every 90 days, that was it for me. Plus, I wanted my books available anywhere I could get them. So I uploaded my one book and two short stories to Draft2Digital which distributes to a number of other booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, etc. The only one I would like and is not there is Google. I could upload directly to Google but haven’t yet because they are trying to contract with them, too. I’m happy I did it. Sometimes Barnes & Noble rivals the income received from Amazon. They are a tight number 2 as far as my sells go.

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