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“Kimbal,” Dom called to his valet.

“Yes, my lord.”

“I shall be dining at White’s.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Dom scribbled a note to his friend Viscount Fotherby asking if he would like to join Dom for dinner. By the time he was dressed and had donned his hat, Fotherby’s answer affirming the invitation had arrived.

A short while later, just as a light sprinkle turned into a persistent rain, Dom handed his hat and cane to the footman at White’s and found his friend lounging in the room that held the club’s famous betting book. William Alvanley, another of Dom’s friends, was seated next to the window with another man staring intently at the rain.

He turned to Fotherby. “What are they doing?”

“Five thousand quid on which raindrop will reach the bottom of the sill first.”

Despite being close with many of the Prince Regent’s circle, Dom could not abide the excessive wagers his friends made. Alvanley would end up ruining himself and his estates at the rate he was going. “Are you ready to dine, or are you waiting the outcome?”

“Famished.” Fotherby tossed off his glass of wine. “Thought you weren’t coming to Town this year.”

“My plans changed.” Dom and Fotherby entered the dining room. “I have decided to take a wife.”

“Wife?” Fotherby choked. “Any idea who?”

“Not yet, but I have a list of qualifications. She must be well-bred, not given to fits of temper or strange starts, quiet, biddable, easy to look at—I must get an heir on her after all—know what is expected of a marchioness. And not prone to scandals. You know how my uncle hated them. I think that about covers it.”

“A paragon, in other words.”

Dom gave a cut nod. “Indeed. I could wed no one less.”


When a Marquis Chooses a Bride

by Ella Quinn


GENRE: Historical Romance



Thanks to their large extended family and unconventional courtship, the Worthingtons have seen their share of scandal and excitement. But nothing has prepared them for this…

The Dowager Lady Worthington isn’t quite sure what to make of country-girl Dorothea Stern. As the granddaughter of the Duke of Bristol, Dotty is schooled in the ways and means of the nobility. But her sharp wit and outspoken nature has everyone in a tizzy. Especially their cousin, Dominic, the Marquis of Merton.

Prematurely stuffy, Dom was raised by his cheerless uncle to be wary of a host of things, including innovation, waltzing, and most perilous of all: true love. Still, there’s something about Dotty, beyond her beauty, that Dom cannot resist. But the odds are against him if he intends to win her as his bride. Will he choose loyalty to his family—or risk everything for the one woman he believes is his perfect match…

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Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

5 ***** Brilliant Regency Novel

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

I’ve a soft spot for regency romances; but it’s been quite a while since I read my last one. I’ve been too busy writing erotica, I guess. LOL So when I was offered a chance to read When a Marquis Chooses a Bride I jumped at it. I couldn’t be happier I did. I’ve just found my new Regency series to read.

Even though this is book 2 in the Worthingtons series, it’s a standalone so you can enjoy it if you hadn’t read book 1 as I hadn’t. Although the first installment has just made it to the top of my ever growing TBR list.

You’ll find all the elements of the best Regency stories here: a smart, beautiful, and non-traditional heroine; a gorgeous, wealthy, and honor-bound hero; a mean villain; and a bunch of delightful supporting characters that add so much to the readers’ enjoyment of the story. The coming-out protocols of the English society in the nineteenth century also serves as the backdrop for Thea and Dom’s story. Yeah, I know the blurb says ‘Dotty’ and the other characters call her so, but I’d rather use Dom’s nickname for her, which sounds better than Dotty, in my opinion.

Ella Quinn does an excellent job at character’s development and story building. The plot got me hooked from page one and I didn’t want to put it down because I didn’t want to return to present-day America. I wanted to stay in Regency London! Her writing is that good! Moreover, the twists and turns, although a bit predictable if you’re an avid reader of this kind of romance like I am, are entertaining and engaging. They’ll keep you turning the pages. Or scrolling the Kindle, as was my case. Finally, the love scenes have just the exact amount of heat one expects from romantic novels, which means they’re swoon-worthy.

I recommend When a Marquis Chooses a Bride to all fans of well-written Regency romances or enjoyable romances in general.



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Bestselling author Ella Quinn’s studies and other jobs have always been on the serious side. Reading historical romances, especially Regencies, were her escape. Eventually her love of historical novels led her to start writing them. She has just finished her first series, The Marriage Game, and her new series, The Worthingtons, began in April 2016.

She is married to her wonderful husband of over thirty years. They have a son and two beautiful granddaughters, and a dog. After living in the South Pacific, Central America, North Africa, England and Europe, she and her husband decided to make their dreams come true and are now living on a sailboat cruising the Caribbean and North America. Europe is next!

Website: http://www.ellaquinnauthor.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EllaQuinnAuthor

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ellaquinnauthor

Blog http://ellaquinnauthor.wordpresscom

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6 thoughts on “When a Marquis Chooses a Bride Book Blast & Review

  1. this sounds like an absolutely delightful Regency… it’s been a while since I’ve read that genre and I believe this one may get me back into it.

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful story. It was a pleasure reviewing it. 😀
    Please make yourself at home here because today my blog is yours!


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