Publish your stories in multiple languages with high quality translations.

I am an Indie Author just like you who works hard for my money but I also want my books to reach as many readers as possible. I consider myself lucky because as a native speaker of Portuguese and a fluent speaker of English, I can translate my own stories.

However, I am also a true believer in supporting fellow authors in any way I can. That’s why I came up with the idea to offer translation services for those interested in expanding their fan base to new and wonderful marketplaces. (If you missed my post on the advantages of translating your books, please check it here. Be sure to come back, though!!! LOL)

You might also be interested in checking my titles in Portuguese to see how their sales are doing. And in case you’re wondering why there are only three of them, the reason is simple yet strange – I write in English and translate to Portuguese. Don’t ask me why, though! I’ve got no idea!!! It just happens to be that way!!! 😀

FYI – I literally DO NOT advertise them:


‘Sem Força’ is the Portuguese version of ‘Powerless’ and as of today (Aug 23rd 2015) it’s listed as # 907 PAID in the Brazilian general Kindle store; #1 in their Books > Romance > Lesbian romance and Books > Literature and Fiction > Gay & Lesbian > Lesbian; and #9 em Kindle Store > eBooks Kindle > LGBT/GLS. Click on the cover above to check for yourself because rankings vary from time to time.


‘Halloween no Clube Desire’ is the Portuguese edition of ‘Halloween at Club Desire’ – I think that one was easy to guess, right? – and is also doing quite well on its own. It is # 4,746 PAID in the Brazilian general Kindle store; #34 in their Books > Literature and Fiction > Women Literature. Click on the cover above to check if ranking hasn’t changed.


‘No Clube Desire’, Portuguese edition of ‘At the Club’, is performing similarly to HACD above. It is # 3,100 PAID in the Brazilian general Kindle store, which puts the short-story in #24 in their Books > Literature and Fiction > Women Literature. Please, click on the cover above to check the current ranking.


Moreover, those titles are doing quite well in other markets too. I’ve partnered with a native speaker of Spanish and will soon offer them in that language as well.




We can translate your English texts to Portuguese. If you’re hiring us to translate a book, we will also translate your original blurb and provide you a list of keywords (or translate yours) to be used when uploading the eBook, FREE of charge.

As an author, I know the importance of reviews, so I will review the English edition of your book on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and my blog. I will also promote your translated edition in any way I can, including reviewing it in Portuguese, if you so desire.

Rates are in US dollars below:

$ 0.011/word – English / Portuguese

Other languages might be available upon request.

Payments in advance via PayPal.

Special Discounts for returning customers.

Deadline for these services will depend on size of your book and the translator’s schedule.  We will give you an estimated time before sending you the invoice. 😀

We work only with Microsoft Word® files.

IMPORTANT NOTE – ROYALTIES & PUBLISHING RIGHTS – Royalties and publishing rights of translated versions remain 100% YOURS but we require you mention ELESSAR BOOKS as the translator when you publish/upload your book so that we can include it in our clients’ list.



  1. How interesting, Liz!
    I am also lucky to be fluent in two languages English and Spanish, and recently started translating my book. I also write in English even if Spanish is my native language… probably because I enjoy reading in English the most and I keep complaining about stuff getting “lost in translation.”

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