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Welcome back to my series of posts about Marketing Indie books! I’m honored to have you here again. On January 18th, I talked about how hard and time-consuming creating covers can be. If you haven’t read the post, please, click here. I think you’ll have fun with the exercise I proposed there. Today I will … Continue reading MARKETING INDIE BOOKS (Part 3 of 5)


Watch Nonnie Write!

Liz Gavin is one of the most energetic and awesome people I’ve ever encountered.  Her obvious zest and love for life is contagious and I’m so glad she has stopped at WATCH NONNIE WRITE! to share some of those positive vibes.  She’s here today to kick off the 1st of a five-part series on MARKETING INDIE BOOKS.  Guests, I give you, AUTHOR, LIZ GAVIN!


It is hard to write a novel. It’s time-consuming to the point we neglect family and friends. It’s so distracting we walk around with our heads in the clouds, hearing dialogs in our heads and seeing things that are not there. All writers know what I’m talking about here. It’s nothing new but it’s a fact.

It is also a fact that most writers know next to nothing about promoting their books. They – no, strike that…

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Becoming an Indie Author

 Why did I become an Indie Author? I’ve got asked this question a lot and I found out there’s no easy answer. On one hand, there were many stories inside my head fighting to get out and onto the paper (or an eReader screen), and this was clearly a reason. But on the other hand, … Continue reading Becoming an Indie Author

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      MARKETING INDIE BOOKS  (Part 1 of 5)   Welcome to my first series of posts. I chose to blog about my craft - writing indie books. Not because I'm an expert, on the contrary. I want to share my doubts and experiences with you hoping someone out there may shed light on … Continue reading MARKETING INDIE BOOKS (Part 1 of 5)