Apologies are in order as Giveaway Wednesday became Giveaway Thursday this time. Last month, when I started my Giveaway Wednesday posts, I had the intention of featuring a new author every week. Unfortunately, life has a very bad habit - it keeps throwing off people's plans. So, I had to resign myself to monthly posts … Continue reading GIVE BACK WEDNESDAY – STARRING – Jennifer Hinsman


I'm proud to serve on the Governing Board of Rave Reviews Book Club as Admin Assist 2 and I assure you there's NO OTHER PLACE for Authors and Readers to be. For those of you who don't know RRBC yet, let me tell you a story. On February 1st 2015, I woke up to some great news. … Continue reading RRBC BLOG RECRUITMENT DAY – CELEBRATING WOMEN

The Care and Feeding (and Promotion!) of Authors …

I read this post at Connie Flanagan’s beautiful blog – check it out here – but decided to reblog the original one.
Agreeing with the text, I’d like to add that I cherish my readers opinions and take to heart both positive and negative feedback because whereas one encourages me, the other challenges me to improve my craft.

I also read all reviews posted on Amazon US and reply to them because I think it’s important I acknowledge those people who took their time to read and comment my work. Regardless if they gave me stellar praise or harsh criticism. I can learn from both.

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Have you read and enjoyed a book lately that was written by an author who is still living? You should tell that author how much you enjoyed the book, because we all love to hear from readers who have not only read but have also appreciated our writing. Really! We do! After all, who doesn’t like flattery? (And this holds true for any creator, but I’m zeroing in on authors at the moment, because I am one.)

While we do love the flattery, you should also consider going one step further, and recommend what you’ve read to other readers – especially friends who may never have otherwise known about this book you’ve enjoyed. You can do this by “liking” and posting a review to Amazon, Indigo, Kobo, Goodreads or Independent Bookstore websites, or wherever the book is listed for sale. Also, by sending out an email to your contact list…

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