Steamy Paranormal New Series

Haunted and wicked

A sexy ghost.

A wicked movie star. 

A forbidden love. 

USA Today Bestselling Author Liz Gavin takes you on  wild ride in this steamy tale.

New Orleans is famous for awesome jazz, fun Mardi Gras, and haunted mansions. Few people know the city’s best kept secret: Club Desire – a place for the rich and powerful role play their kinkiest fantasies.


What club goers don’t know is that it is haunted. Marcel Revault, bound to the house for over a century, has learned some naughty tricks, he doesn’t shy away from using on unsuspected visitors. But when the club member senses his presence and interacts with him, things get hot.

Clara Hervaux, mega movie star, indulges her darkest fantasies with the help of an expert Master. As an empath, she bonds with Marcel like no other club member has done before.

Their attraction is immediate, undeniable. Yet it is doomed from the beginning.

There is no future for Marcel and Clara, even if they are soulmates.

Or is there?

Download Haunted & Wicked now to find out if a ghost and a movie star can find their happily ever after.

Start Reading Now – HERE.

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