Tropical Tryst is LIVE!


You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to get the boxed set at a special release price of $ 0.99. It will go up to regular price soon.

One-click TROPICAL TRYST today and get lost in 25 hot summer loving from award-winning and best-selling authors. Satisfaction guaranteed.

My contribution to the set is called Tristan. It’s book 1 in a new series in a new subgenre for me: hot rockers. You might also want to secure your copy of Noah Book # 2 in the series. They’re standalones connected by setting and a couple of intertwined storylines.


Fifteen years ago, Izzie Anderson betrayed Tristan Knight and ripped out his heart. Yet she lied to protect him. Now she needs Tristan to save her son.

Tristan Knight mended his tattered heart in a secluded beach in the Southern coast of Brazil. When Izzie walks into Chez Nous Bistro one evening, he realizes her betrayal left him heartless.

Izzie Anderson had a remarkable singing voice, an angelical face and a hot body. Too young for rock stardom, she partied too hard, stooped too low and hurt the only man who loved her for who she really was. She betrayed Tristan Knight to protect him. Will he believe her when she confesses the truth? Or are there wounds that never heal?

Tristan Knight found haven in a secluded beach in the Southern coast of Brazil, where he mended his tattered heart and healed his invisible scars. Away from the deceit of the music industry, he started fresh as the owner of a high-end restaurant. He never thought he would meet Izzie again, so when she walks into Chez Nous Bistro one evening, he expects to get outraged, but he gets nothing. So why is it that his soul feels less hollow every time he sees her?

Can two damaged souls heal each other? Or are there wrongs that can never be righted?

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Escape with these 25 all new and exclusive sexy reads from NY Times, USA Today and International bestselling authors.

This set is perfect for romance lovers of all kinds. Offering up passionate, and enticing tales set in hot and tropical settings, this collection will feed your need for summer sexiness!


Knight’s Edge Book # 2

Party boy meets his match, sparks fly.

Noah Cartwright, restauranteur by day, rocker by night. Ana Oliveira, waitress by day, aspiring teacher by night. They’ve got little in common, except for a sizzling-hot chemistry. Will their passion burn bright and die like a shooting star? Or will they make passion last a lifetime?

Serial dating had its benefits. Being a sweet-talking American in a small seaside town in the Southern coast of Brazil took these benefits to a whole new level. Noah Cartwright’s thriving bistro and his budding rock band certainly didn’t hurt this image with the ladies. Except with Ana Oliveira. Too bad he never turned down a good challenge. He always got what he wanted and he wanted Ana.

Juggling college, a job at the best restaurant in town and a busy social life was not for the faint of heart, but Ana Oliveira aced it. The feisty red-head wouldn’t waste precious time on a wannabe rock star, though. It didn’t matter he was a drop-dead gorgeous, melt-your-panties-on-the-spot kind of guy. Noah Cartwright meant trouble and she didn’t need more of that in her life. She didn’t need to add getting dirty with the boss to that list.

With his friend and partner Tristan Knight away, struggling to mend his broken family, Noah needed to focus on Chez Nous Bistro and Knight’s Edge while Ana had to work hard to get her teaching credentials. Neither should have strayed yet they gravitated towards each other and the resulted collision changed both forever.

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