Why are vacations so short? (Vacation story with photos!)

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Grace Risata: Indie Author and Fountain of Useless Knowledge

I don’t do very well with vacations.  I know, you’re thinking to yourself, “What the hell is her problem?”  I’ll tell you what my problem is…

My husband wanted to get away from work for a few days and he suggested going to the beach and renting a condo for five days.  Our plane would leave at 7am on the last day, so that really doesn’t count as a day.  The plane arrived at 3pm on the first day, so I’m not counting that either.  What’s my problem then?

Packing:  I ran through my house like a crazy person trying to find everything I might need for three full days away.  What did I want to pack?  Everything.  We’re hoarders and we can’t leave home for five minutes without the insane need to bring everything with us.  A million panic scenarios run through my mind.  What if I spill…

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