Ariel and Ray Uncensored


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We headed for the bar in the informal restaurant and took a seat. Another bartender was on duty. He’d been watching a soccer game as he wiped down the top of the bar with a rag. Turning to us, he asked, “What can I get you folks?”


“Two pints of draft,” Ray said.


The hotel served great beer and you know the saying, ‘when in Rome…’


While we sipped our beers, Ray whispered into my ear, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”


“Are you referring to that couple sitting on the couch, namely the woman who’s been devouring you with her eyes?” I replied.


“I thought she was nearly salivating over you, too. But, the guy seems to be into you, as well.”


I laughed. “You think we should go over and talk to them?”


Ray grinned. “Sure. Why not?”


We slid off our bar stools and walked over to the thirty-something couple, who were most attractive in their own right.


Ray started the conversation. “We couldn’t help but notice that you both were staring at us. Is there something wrong?”


“No, mate, not at all,” the blond, blue-eyed hunk replied in a thick Aussie accent. “We just couldn’t help noticing how perfect you two complemented each other.”


“You’re quite an attractive couple yourselves,” I said.


The woman, a lithe, blonde beauty with long hair and legs to match, her eyes still running up and down the length of Ray’s body before finally settling below his belt, said in a similar accent, “Well, now, here we are, two attractive couples. Perhaps we should do something about that.”




Ariel and Ray Uncensored (The Life and Loves of Ariel Jones, Vol 2)

by Candy Caine


GENRE: Erotic Romance



Sometimes Ariel Jones gets a little bored with her love life. It’s not that she doesn’t love her partner, hunky Ray Meyers. But lately, things have been a bit blah. But “blah” suddenly seems desirable when Ariel’s sexual curiosity gets her into trouble. Then Ray steps in to not only protect what is his, but to show her the dark side of his sexuality he has hidden from her all this time…



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AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Whether she’s writing a short story or novel, Candy Caine will make her interracial romances hot and spicy. Always striving to entertain her readers, Candy tries to breathe life into her characters by running them past her husband, Robert–which often makes life interesting in their new home in Arizona.


Candy loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at


Visit her website at and find her books on Amazon, B&N, and wherever books are sold.


Ariel and Ray Uncensored:


I, Erogenous Jones:

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