Review for Unexpected by April Fire


Unexpected (Secret Baby of a Star Athlete)


When David left me at the altar in front my friends and family, I felt humiliated. When I discovered that he left me for my maid of honor, I was devastated. I found comfort in Jones’ arms, even if only for one night. The next morning he returned to his football training and I tried to move on with my small town life, but I soon realized that something was missing… I haven’t had my period.

This is a standalone novella with No cheating and with HEA ending. It’s guaranteed to keep you hot on a cold night, so prepare yourself for a few hours of fiery fun.


Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

3*** Erotica short-story

Don’t let the cover picture fool you as this isn’t a sweet romance; it’s a steamy erotica short-story.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this one so I’ll let you decide on it. I don’t write spoilers because I don’t like reading them. Some comments will seem vague because I intend them to be vague.

At first, I thought this was a promising story because it started off full of drama that hooked me in because I’ve personally witnessed something very close to the opening scene, in real life. Steamy, explicit scenes followed suit and I got ready to be hot and bothered. Then the story stalled, morphed into something else, took off from reality, and I stopped caring. When I got to the end scene, after so many unrealistic turns in the plot, I felt like their HEA was a stretch, but hey, who am I to judge?

On the other hand, this short-story is in my main writing genre and I know some of my loyal readers might like this kind of story so I’ve decided to give you my list of pros and cons.


– Unrealistic plot twists. A little bending on my ‘no spoilers’ rule is in order here. Since the book blurb gives most of the plot away, I won’t reveal any secrets: You have just gone through a bride’s worst nightmare – a humiliating breakup when your groom leaves you at the altar and runs away with your best friend and maid of honor. Your rebound bed buddy, leaves while you’re sleeping and never calls back, even though you’ve known each other for ages and he could’ve reached you if he wanted to. When you next meet him to deliver the news about your pregnancy, you find out he’s seeing other people, but not before practically moving in with the guy. Still, he’s supposed to be the one having your back?

– Pushover female lead.

– A main male character who’s almost as much of douche as the bad guy.


– A couple of steamy, hot sex scenes.

– Very few typos.

– Drool-worthy, six-pack hero, which is always a plus in this kind of read, right?

– Toe-curling action under the sheets – another must.

I recommend this story for readers looking for a quick stimulating (aka sexy) story, who are willing to exercise their suspension of disbelief to the max.



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