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Glancing at the video feed, he saw Nicole step into the backyard with a plate of meat. The outdoor light was on, and he could clearly make out her features. She nervously bit her bottom lip. Sheryl followed her out and laughingly took the platter from her hand, then gave her a small shove toward the cottage. Nicole gave her friend a dirty look, but took a tentative step toward them.

“Oh, shit,” he said, glancing around at all the surveillance equipment crowding the living room of the cottage. He couldn’t let Nicole come in here.

Rob got to his feet, openly laughing now. “Let me guess, they’re coming over?”

“Nicole is.”

Kyle sprinted to his refrigerator, grabbed the chicken breast he had thawing for dinner, and entwined two unopened bottles of beer between his fingers. “Let’s go,” he snapped, racing toward the door.

Still grinning, Rob opened it for him and followed him outside as Nicole neared the front porch. Kyle screeched to a halt, and tried to appear natural, and not like the jackass he was. If she came inside, this night would end very badly.

“Hi, Nicole.” He was pleased at how normal he sounded. “We were heading over to see if we could share your grill.”

“That’s great.” She waved toward her house. “We bought way too much food, and need someone to help us eat it.” She held out her hand toward Rob. “Hi, I’m Nicole.”

Rob took her hand and gave it a firm shake. “It’s nice to meet you, Nicole.” He glanced past her to Sheryl, who was watching them expectantly.

Nicole laughed, glancing down at his plate. “Bring your chicken and we’ll toss it on the grill.” Her gaze slid back to Rob, her eyes held a teasing glint. “I’ll introduce you to Sheryl.”

She headed back toward her place. For a moment, Kyle’s attention was riveted by her nicely swaying hips, until Rob gave him a little shove and got his ass moving.


Between Midnight and Dawn
by Cheryl Yeko


GENRE: Romantic Suspense



Nicole Chambers’ track record with men is bad. Very bad. She’s sworn off dating for the foreseeable future. Recovering from an assault by the last man she’d only casually dated, Nicole is attacked again in her rural home. If not for the hot guy who showed up about her rental cottage, she would have been dead for sure.

Her self-imposed sabbatical is soon tested when he moves into her backyard.

Kyle’s mother was kidnapped and murdered when he was just a kid. Filled with rage and a determination to hunt down the man who became known as the Clove Hitch Killer, he goes into law enforcement. When his efforts lead him to Nicole Chambers, he falls for her completely.

Now he’s torn between keeping her safe, or using her as bait to capture a killer.



Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

5***** Edge-of-the-sit thriller, scorching hot romance


I read this book using my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

If you like your steamy romance with a large dose of nail-biting suspense, you can’t miss Between Midnight and Dawn. It’s got plenty of both.

This is my first time reading Ms. Yeko, but it won’t be the last as I’ve just found a new favorite author. She pulls you in from the action-filled beginning to the explosive ending. You won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough.

The many twists and turns are well-written. Even the few predictable ones, like the best friend falling for love interest’s friend, were not only skillfully delivered, but also played a key part in the plot development. I’m being vague here on purpose as I don’t do spoilers. In an action-packed thriller as this, it gets very hard not to give too much away. Believe me, you don’t want anything spoiling this one for you.

As an author, I find violent scenes particularly difficult to write. In my second novel, I struggled for over a week looking for the best way to depict an attempt rape scene, which was crucial to the story, yet felt so horrible for me to put on paper. I can only imagine how hard it was for Cheryl Yeko to write such vivid scenes as the ones in this book.

On that note, her writing style is so exquisite you feel like you’re watching a good thriller more than reading a book. In my opinion, this is high quality story-telling. Which is evident in the way she fleshes out her characters and in the realistic aspects of the plot. Moreover, presenting multiple points of view without the dizzying side effects of head-hopping, like one finds in Between Midnight and Dawn, requires great talent. And the outcome is a much more enjoyable reading experience as we get inside each character’s head.

This omniscience also helps us understand their motivations better. For example, after all the traumatic events in Nicole’s recent past, her passionate reaction to Kyle is totally justifiable as it’s a common response among victims of life-threatening experiences. It’s a way that the human psyche finds to cope with it, a way to reassure one’s survived a traumatic ordeal.

As for the characters, they’re believable and interesting. Nicole, the lead female, is strong, intelligent and sweet while Kyle is the ultimate sensitive alpha male. He’s protective and attentive and oh-so-sexy. Their chemistry is sizzling and their love scenes will make your toes curls and your mouth water. I know what I’m talking about as I write erotic romances! This couple is HOT! You’ll fall in love with them. And Charlie, the dog. I totally relate to Kyle when he says the dog takes up too much space in bed. As I’m writing this, my little one is squeezing me off a king-size bed as she softly snores snuggling beside me. It’s impossible to get mad at these furry creatures. LOL

I could go on and on about how great this book is, but I won’t take up more of your time. After all, once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down, so you need these precious moments.




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My writing career began in 2011, when my wonderful husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas and changed my world. I started reading romance novels, and fell in love with them. I decided to try writing one myself. I disappeared into my room over a long Wisconsin winter and wrote my debut novel, Protecting Rose. I sent my baby out to three publishing houses and was delighted to receive two offers. I quickly accepted with Soul Mate Publishing. Protecting Rose went on to win the 2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in the romantic suspense category. Well, I was hooked.
Today, I’m a multi-published, award-winning author, and live in Wisconsin with my husband Patrick. I love to read, play piano, and spend time with family and friends. I enjoy novels with fast-paced action and steamy romance, protective alpha men and strong heroines. I belong to several writing groups, including Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Sisters In Crime.
In 2013, I came aboard Soul Mate Publishing as an acquiring editor and have over fifty edited novels under my belt. I can also be found under the pen name of CiCi Cordelia, with my writing partner and BFF, Char Chaffin.
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  1. Awesome review! Glad to know that the great cover is indicative of the great story inside… one of the things that drives me crazy is seeing an awesome book cover with a mediocre story :/…Thanks for sharing your review 😀


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