Looking for Trouble Book Tour + Review


Allergic to fun


He’s all dirty jokes and curse words, while she’s quiet and shy. She blends into the background, while he is the center of everyone’s attention.

Clay Mitchell never expected to fall in love. Especially not with a girl he’s known all his life and one who’s always been off-limits.

Opposites might attract, but in this case of explosive chemistry, someone’s heart is bound to be shattered.

As enemies become friends and friends morph into more; Clay has definitely met his match.


Author Bio: Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances and Shadows of the Past (co-authored with H.M. Ward), the Nashville Nights, Two Sisters and Nashville U series (coming late 2015 from Swoon Romance).

She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore – not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she’s supposed to be writing or creating endless Spotify playlists!



Before I can get my equilibrium, his mouth brushes mine, so light I almost think I imagined it. I gasp, my back arching and bringing our bodies closer together. The contact makes him gasp too, and our mouths touch once more. This time, his tongue darts out to trace along my bottom lip. My arms tighten further as he presses the top half of his body against mine.
Reality intrudes, and I wonder, should we be doing this? Is this what I want? Then, Clay’s tongue touches mine and every thought in my head evaporates. Unable to focus on anything but the sensation of his tongue exploring my mouth, tangling with my own before he retreats. I automatically follow him, tasting the inside of his for the first time. If someone had told me that the first Mitchell boy I would kiss would be Clay, I would have laughed in their face. But, here I am, Clay’s hands on the bed, on either side of my head, his arms taut as they hold him above me.
The kiss deepens, and Clay’s body moves as he toes off his shoes before climbing up on the bed to hover above me. My legs fall open, letting him move between them. His body lowers onto mine and now we’re touching from head to groin, his erection against the part of me that clenches at the feel of him pressing into me.
Clay’s mouth leaves mine, traveling along my jaw until he gets to my ear where he sucks the lobe into his mouth, biting down gently. My arms go lax at the exquisite feeling, sliding down the side of his neck until my hands find purchase on his shoulders. He tugs a final time on my ear before his mouth moves lower to press a kiss just behind it. My nails dig into his shirt and his body shudders above mine, prompting a delicious feeling between my legs.
Before I can register the motion, he rises up on his knees, grips the back of his t-shirt in one hand and pulls it over his head. He drops it over the side of the bed and pulls me up to a sitting position to grip mine by the hem. Pulling it slowly over my head, he drops it down as well, leaving me clad in only bra, jeans and panties. Clay’s eyes travel from the top of my head to my breasts, where they hesitate for only a few seconds before his hands slide along the sides of my face, tunneling through my hair to tip my head to the side. His mouth descends on mine, and he thrusts his tongue back inside my mouth, more forcefully than before.
This kiss is totally out of my control. His hands on my face move it from side to side until I’m in the position he wants me in. Clay’s mouth is greedy, and he presses it harder against mine until I’m lying back against his pillows. All I can feel is the sensation of his mouth on mine, his bare chest touching my almost bare one. It makes me long for more. I arch my back, struggling to undo the clasp of my bra awkwardly with one hand. Noticing what I’m doing, he takes one hand from my face and runs it down my arm and around to where I’m struggling with the clasp. It takes him less than a second to undo, and then he uses both hands to slide the straps down my arms.


Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

5 ***** A ‘Coming of Age’ story for all ages 18+.

**I read this with my KU subscription**

Well, where should I start? This is such a great book!

Even though I’m in the university environment taking my Master’s degree, I’m way past the characters’ group age, who are undergraduates. However, I could totally relate to their struggles and drama. I can get a little tired of some novels that portrait ‘Coming of Age’ situations; but that was NOT the case with Looking for Trouble at all.

Granted I sometimes had to remind myself the characters were young so that I wouldn’t roll my eyes at them. But that’s actually a sign of how realistic they were to the point of getting an eye-rolling reaction from the grumpy old lady in me. If I’m honest, though, I must confess I was very much like Kat when I was going to college for my first BA, in the sense that I was too clueless as to how to attract the men I was interested in. So much so, it was only in our twenty-year reunion that I found out the guy I had a HUGE crush on for four years was also interested in me when we were going to college. Only back then, I pined over him, thought we were just good friends, and put it in my head he hung out with me so much because he was into one of my best friends. Talk about blind and pathetic, huh? LOL Luckily for Kat, it doesn’t take her twenty years to realize some truths. This is no spoiler; if you read the blurb this is a given. No worries, I don’t write spoilers.

Another characteristic I share with Kat is the annoying habit (or should I say instinctive reaction) of crying whenever she’s really mad, feeling overwhelmed or extremely happy. It annoys the heck out of me; but I can rarely control it. I know some readers find this kind of emotional display to be a weakness on the female character – I know some of my readers have complaint about one of my leading ladies’ crying -; but I’m not a wimp in the least. Kat isn’t either. It’s just her traitorous body making her life difficult.

As for Clay, he’s my kind of leading man. He’s gorgeous and he knows it so he’s self-confident borderline arrogant. He’s also flawed, full of it on the outside; but, caring and sweet on the inside. He just doesn’t know it so nobody else does either. And he’s a fan of Jessica Jones, a show I adore too. We’re perfect for each other. LOL

This is the first time I read any of Stacey Moseller’s books and although this is the first one in the Nashville U series, there are characters who seem to have been introduced to the readers in previous stories and situations that feel like resolutions to other plots. I don’t say that as a negative. On the contrary, both characters and storylines are well rounded and add to Looking for Trouble’s main plot. In fact, you feel like you’ve already met these people and they’re old friends you like to hang out with. They also made me curious to read other books from this author so I just added them to my ever growing, seeming endless TBR list. Now all I need is to find a place where I can buy some extra hours for my days so that I can actually read the titles in the list. I guess about other 24 hours would do it. LOL

Both setting and plot are skillfully constructed and engaging; in conjunction to the realistic characters, the book is a truly page-turner. I started reading it last night and it kept me awake into the wee hours. I had to force myself to stop and get some sleep or I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning. I resumed reading it as soon as I got home from work. Although it’s not a thriller or a mystery that you want to read its resolution, Looking for Trouble’s main story is so captivating you just keep going. In my opinion, the transitions between Kat’s and Clay’s POVs have a lot to do with that urgency to keep reading. They’re right on top of the other, sometimes overlapping a bit; but in a way that the reader gets a better understanding of the situation because we get to read both characters’ thoughts and feelings.

I always leave my favorite bit for last as it’s my specialty: sex scenes. No, I’m not a pervert, I’m an author of erotic stories. And boy did Clay and Kat made my toes curl and took my breath away! Their chemistry is scorching hot and their love scenes are awesome – real and imagined ones. LOL Not saying anything more on that.

My two favorite quotes, not surprisingly, come from Clay’s POV:

““Can I touch you?” I hesitate to ask the question afraid she’ll say no, but breathe a sigh of relief when her head moves, barely a nod. “The words, Kat. I need the words.””

“I shut my eyes at the loss of the possibility of her touch.” – This one is some CUTE! But I won’t say why. No spoilers, sweeties.


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