Chasing What’s Already Gone Review

Michael Ross asked me to review his book a couple of months ago but because of my crazy schedule I was able to do it just now. I’m glad I did in time for a FREE promo he’s running. Today – Aug 16th – is the last day so GRAB IT!!


Danny Pearson is cruising through life on the edge of contentment—even in his marriage…

His wife seems distant, yet perfectly happy. They work on different schedules and pass like ships in the night. But that’s how marriage is after so many years, right?

When Danny meets a mysterious girl, his idea of the meaning of love shatters at his feet…

She’s not extraordinary, but somehow she’s so much more than just another girl. When he catches her gaze, he knows deep in his gut that she’s the one—the love of his life. But being a decent guy, he holds his feelings in check, and there is no ulterior motive when he shares a coffee with her. As she leaves, she gives him a business card. That’s all there is to it.

Her name is Ella. And after that, she is nothing more than a fond memory.

Danny puts Ella out of his mind and moves on with his life—until his world falls apart…When his wife confesses to having an affair and demands a divorce, his life is thrown into chaos. It’s a challenge adjusting to the single life, but it’s not impossible. As time passes, he continues to reminisce of his brief encounter with the woman he’s sure was his chance at true happiness.

How far is Danny willing to go in the pursuit of love? How far would you when, in all probability, you are only…

Chasing what’s already gone?



Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

5*** Fun, heart-warming, and unusual romance

I had read Michael’s thriller ‘Hand over Fist’ before embarking on his first-attempt at writing romances so I knew his abilities and skills. Let me tell you he surprised me in the best way possible. Chasing What’s Already Gone is a refreshing take on a well-established genre that is in dire need of new voices. Let me count the ways…

  • Author is a man, which means a quite different perspective in the romance genre;
  • Danny Pearson as lead character is a soft-hearted, handsome man whose POV tells most of the story in first person;
  • Other characters also have their POV told in third person. Now here I must say that it’s one of my favorite aspects in Chasing What’s Already Gone. The way the writer creatively weaves together different POV’s from different voices adds so much to the storytelling without ever giving the reader that dreaded ‘head-hopping’ feeling. Kudos, sir!
  • Our lead female character, is a strong-willed, intelligent, and successful woman… well, there’s another clue for you. Doesn’t she sound like something a female writer would have created? LOL;
  • Ella/Gertrude/Gemma/Jess – that’s as much as I can say without spoiling things for the readers. Believe me you don’t want that spoiled and it’s AWESOME;
  • Supporting characters are delightful – funny, smart-ass, no-nonsense attitude. My favorites: Rob, Gemma, and Bill; In fact, I’d love to read Bill and Mary’s story. *winks*
  • An engaging plot, dripping with wit and quip, masterfully told. Any avid reader of romantic stories knows they require some kind of suspension of disbelief. Some might even say this book requires it as well. I prefer to paraphrase Bill and say that the secret to true, everlasting love is equal parts of luck and patience. Danny is a hell of a lucky, patient dude. LOL

Michael Ross did a great job with both the storyline and the characters. Danny and his leading lady (no spoilers, sweetie! – Yeah, I’m a sucker for the Tenth Doctor Who LOL) are expertly written out. I’d dare say the writer went for a slight role inversion here as the woman comes out as a bit tougher than the man. Danny loves romantic comedies for crying out loud! It can get more gender inverted than this! Moreover, the supporting characters are delightful and really add to the story, which means they’re not mere fillers, they do support the main characters.

Although the book is under the ‘Contemporary Romance’ category in Amazon, I’d say there’s a distinct feel of romantic comedy to it and I don’t mean it only on Danny’s account. LOL There are plenty of lighter moments and funny interactions, especially when Rob or Gemma are in the scene. However, my favorite plotline was the one regarding Danny’s pursuit of the love of his life. You’ll find enough turns and twists there to make you wonder if you’re really reading a romance. The final one is the best but let me warn you. Even after you think you’ve got it all sorted out, Michael will surprise you with new information you’ll never see coming.

I had one tiny little disappointment in this book. To avoid spoilers, I’ll only say that the unavoidable conflict (we’re talking romance novel so there’s got to be a conflict between the main couple at some point, right?) here seemed a bit farfetched because the couple acted out of characters, in my opinion. That was the only instance where I used suspension of disbelief so I got over it. And it honestly didn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the story.

Finally, even though the title says ‘Second Chances Book 1’, this is a complete story so if the author is planning on writing more I guess it’s going to be also a standalone. I’m hoping it brings back Gemma! No spoilers so I won’t name the leading man but I’d love to read their story.

Oh, and be sure to download the extra scene. It’s hilarious!



AUTHOR Bio and Links


It was a strange and twisting road that led to the publication of my first novel. From my humble beginnings, as an office clerk, to ownership of a multi-million dollar business I always maintained my love for literature.

Born and raised in Bristol, England. I spent most of my life in business, my companies turning over in the region of $500 million. The majority of that time marketing cars, eventually owning the largest Saab specialist in the world, before a bitter divorce forced me rethink my priorities. Particularly between 2003 and 2005 when I had to accept that I was no longer a millionaire but literally penniless. I avoided bankruptcy by the skin of my teeth and slowly rebuilt my life.

This led me to the life changing decision to leave the bustling city and move to live halfway up a mountain in the Welsh valleys. At the same time I started a part time six year English Literature course at Bristol University, and attended creative writing classes at Cardiff University. I left school at sixteen and this was my first taste of further education and an immense challenge.

I eventually adjusted my thinking to the academic life, and on 30 June 2015 had confirmation of my 2.1(Hons) degree from Bristol University. At the same time I also won the prestigious Hopkins Prize for my essay on Virginia Woolf and the unsaid within her text. Now the university courses are finished it will, with any luck, gives me plenty of extra time that I can devote to my fiction writing.

Thanks to the university experiences, my interest in English literature has flourished over recent years. Hopefully I have evolved as a writer from my earlier work in short stories (over ninety of them.) Although interestingly my first three novels have all been developed from a long forgotten short story.

Life is, once again, very good, and I live very happily halfway up a mountain, in the Welsh Valleys, with my wonderful partner Mari, and our rescue dog Wolfie.






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