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“Well, then. What about my offer?” He steepled his fingers before him and slanted a brow.

“All you want me to do is go to the peninsula with your son, and keep him company? For how long?”

“We usually spend two weeks there. I’ll probably be away for a week. I would expect you to go with him tomorrow. I don’t have a housekeeper there, but Mrs. Groves comes in daily to cook and clean, and her husband tends the garden. You would merely be acting as a sort of stand-in parent, taking Jimmy out and keeping him occupied. I don’t know if he’d be too keen on walking everywhere though.” A ghost of a smile lifted his mouth a fraction, prompting her to speculate on what he would look like if he really smiled. Georgie had never seen that cool reserve break down. Although always cordial, he never broke out to give anyone an unrestrained grin.

“You’ve got a deal.” Impetuously she stretched out her right hand.

Nothing could have prepared her for the jolt that shot up her arm as he immediately grasped it in a hand that was surprisingly warm. For endless moments they stayed like that, still, with eyes locked.


A Heart In Conflict
by Tricia McGill


GENRE: Romance, Contemporary



A Heart in Conflict (Challenge the Heart Book 2) Opposites attract, it is a well-known fact. At times this leads to insurmountable conflict, when at other times, sit back and watch the fireworks.

Steve Tanakis considers himself cool and calmly confident. Head of a fashion business, he needs to be in control of his life and his business decisions. He decides it is time to find a suitable mother for his son. Through with the pain that comes along with passion, he now considers what he wants is an unemotional wife, one who will fit well into his way of life.

Georgie McNamara, assistant designer in his fashion house, is flamboyant, vivacious, and gregarious, the antitheses to his idea of the perfect choice. The tiny whirlwind turns Steve’s organized lifestyle upside down, somehow worming her way into his, and his son’s life, foiling all his plans to find that uncomplicated wife. Along the way Steve comes to realize there is a lot more to this bundle of feminine trouble than he first thought. Is she more trouble than he can handle?



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Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

5****Deliciously fun read

This is the first book by Tricia McGill that I’ve read but it surely won’t be the last one. She delivers a fun and truly romantic story in this A Heart in Conflict.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of third person omniscient POV, so the shifts didn’t bother me as they were quite easy to follow. My editor might not agree with that as she never lets me do it though. LOL Moreover, I fell in love with Georgie and Steve’s story right from the start. I loved her youthful spirit so in contrast to his somber one and it was delightful to see her gradually winning him over to the bright side of life, so to speak. Every new exchange between this two creates a new crack in his defense walls until he has no way of denying the obvious: Georgie has shown him how joyful life can be when one allows it. There’s also an undeniable chemistry between them that leaves the reader breathless in the best sense possible. Plus, the build-up of their relationship is believable yet steamy. Kudos to the author! Well, as I’m not one to give away spoilers this is as much of the plot as I will discuss here so I won’t ruin anyone’s reading experience.

Besides the engaging storyline, Tricia McGill also fleshed out her characters brilliantly. They’re realistic and likable. The main couple is fun and hot to watch/read as I mentioned above; but the secondary characters are just as delightful. Jimmy, Steve’s son, stole my heart since his first scene. I personally know a couple of twelve-year-old kids who are just as bright and endearing as he is so I could totally relate. Lucy, Georgie’s sister, is just as intelligent and quick, and such a sweetheart. I loved her as well. Georgie and Lucy’s housemates are colorful characters who add to the fun of reading this story.

I recommend this fast-paced, quick read for all readers looking for some romantic fun.





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Award winning author Tricia McGill was born in London, England, and moved to Australia many years ago, settling near Melbourne. The youngest in a large, loving family, she was never lonely or alone. Surrounded by avid readers, who encouraged her to read from an early age, is it any wonder she became a writer? Although her published works cross sub-genres, romance is always at their heart. They say write what you know, and before early retirement gave Tricia the time to write full time, she worked as a pattern cutter in a clothing factory, and even had her own designing and dressmaking business for a while. So, her years in this industry is where the inspiration to write Georgie and Steve’s story sprung from.


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