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Spicy Secret: Despite the heat and warmth of love igniting, don’t give men everything they want, even if it’s just information they’re after.

Her heart beat frantically as she tried to savor this moment. There was always that one delicious moment in the beginning of a relationship when a man adored you madly, and she wanted it to linger forever in her memory.

I’m falling in love with him! Against my better judgment. I feel like I’ve just taken a drug that’s now running through my body and I’m powerless against it. What would he ever want with a girl like me? I can’t help how I feel. No…it’s just a crush: another handsome man who couldn’t care less about me. It’s just a game.


You bet your ass it is, the voice of GG, somewhere in the distance, reminded her.

It was an experience of pure, perfect, romantic and physical chemistry, the elusive gift she’d searched for all her career (all her life in fact) and had never, ever, found.

But could there be something intellectual, emotional, something between them that could thrive? There was no time to find out. Not now, anyway.

Her heart pounded. It was decision time. She didn’t want to hand him one of her business cards, as that would reveal just how commercial she really was. In his presence, she hated who she was, commercially.

She was flustered, so unlike her, and grabbed a pen and small piece of hotel stationery from the end table. Then, she wrote down her first name, “Melissa,” and her private phone number, but she did it so fast and nervously, her hand shaking, that she forgot to give an email address. Later she would wonder if she’d even written her phone number correctly. She tore off the paper and handed it to him, thinking: He’ll never call; he’s just enjoying seeing yet another girl lose it over him.

“I must be going,” she said matter-of-factly yet full of regret.

They stood up and she hugged him with everything she had. She pulled away, feeling like crying again. What the hell?

“I’m sorry; this is awkward. I actually like you! And I don’t even know you,” she admitted. “I just like being around you.”

“I like you, too!” he smiled. “I feel something, too. I’m not supposed to, I know! But I do.”

“No promises?” she said, heading to the door without turning her back on him, taking him in for one last time. Love at first sight—so that’s what it feels like.

“No promises,” he agreed. “Although I’m not averse to promises,” he smiled.

The front door opened slowly, as if by magic, but it was only Simo’s assistant, waiting to escort her back to her floor.

“See you again sometime,” she nodded sadly.

“See you again…No, wait!”

He strode closer and took both of her cheeks lightly into his warm palms. He pulled her face to his chest and planted a kiss gently on top of her forehead and held her close to him. She savored the feeling of his sweet lips bestowing his final farewell.

It put her into a bit of a daze. No man had ever given her a kiss quite like that on her forehead. It felt so protective, almost fatherly, and extremely benevolent. That, as much as their lovemaking, had shaken her to her core.

He pulled away, looked her in the eye one last time with a small nod, and then turned around and walked away.

The assistant touched her lightly on her elbow to indicate it was time to return to reality. But just for a moment, Melisse was lost. Totally and completely lost.

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GENRE:  Erotic romance



Good Girls may go to heaven but Jet-Set Temptresses go everywhere.

Miss Melisse is a sweet, smart, and sassy professional vixen at the top of her game. Come along on her wild magic carpet ride of love, lust, and premium sex for sale. Can you ever fall in love when you’re a jet-set temptress and your life is full of spicy secrets?


The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-Set Temptress, Part 1: Learning The Life


Barnes & Noble




The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-Set Temptress, Part 2: Love in The Life


Barnes & Noble





Coffee Cup On Wood Table At Sunset Or Sunrise Beach

4 **** – Unusual and enjoyable ride


In the name of honesty, I must say I’m an avid reader and a writer of erotic romance and erotica, which confers me the right to object to this book’s description as erotica. Despite its thematic, the story contains little to none scenes which could be called erotica. And the sex scenes that happen are definitely not described with the same detail one expects in this genre.

Secondly, I’m not a fan of self-help books so the constant breaking up of narrative flow to present second-hand insights about life in general in the form of quotes from other authors annoyed me to the point that after chapter three I would just skip them.

Well, these are the reasons why I knocked off one star from my rating. Now to the four stars… LOL

I don’t know – and in fact it wasn’t essential to my enjoying the story – if the book is really autobiographical or fictional and it does not matter because it’s an interesting ride. If it’s based on personal experience, kudos for her ballsy act. If it’s totally fictional, congrats on making the story so realistic. Either way, readers will engage with the story and keep on reading to know what happens next.

The same can be said about the characters. Regardless of their being real or fictional, they are fascinating people who have a lot to say to readers about their lives and their choices. Just as they remind us that all choices bring consequences. They are delightful.

I recommend The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress to everyone looking for a light read about an issue that can turn quite dark and heavy in less capable hands.


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Print copy of The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-Set Temptress, Part 1: Learning The Life and The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-Set Temptress, Part 2: Love in The Life (US)



Lantana Bleu was educated in classical literature and creative writing at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and The New School in New York City. She has also trained privately with master teachers in the art and craft of screenwriting. She enjoys world travel, slow walks and sensual adventures.






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