Encounters_box_setIn a city where Mardi Gras lasts throughout the year and sin is just around the corner, there’s a place where the extremely rich and powerful go to live out their naughtiest, kinkiest sexual fantasies. Club Desire is New Orleans’s best kept secret. This is your invitation. Don’t waste any time!
Five scorching hot short-stories:

Between the Ghost and the Dom
When a big Hollywood star, a gorgeous Dom, and a kinky ghost meet at an exclusive sex club in New Orleans sparks fly and the temperature gets scorching hot. The Alpha males will taunt the reluctant sub and test her limits. But how much pleasure can a person endure? Will she break or ask for more?
Join Clara, Sam and Marcel at the best-kept secret in New Orleans – Club Desire. Here’s where celebrities come to indulge in their darkest fantasies. Watch Clara discover her hard limits as wells as you test your own in this exciting short-story.
*** This 8,100-word short is intended for adults only due to its graphic language plus kinky sex scenes involving an alpha Dom, a wicked ghost, and a naughty red-head, lots of sex toys, Domination, submission, and mild spanking.***

Her Favorite Ghost
Clara continues her explorations at Club Desire.
She’s been naughty before but this time Marcel – her kinky ghost lover – might just have ruined everything for her. Can Sam forgive her transgressions? Can Clara put up with the humiliation of being shared with a Mistress however stunning Jenny might be? Or will Clara discover new feelings she had never suspected?
*** This 6500- word-erotic short is a stand-alone book intended for adults only! It contains graphic language plus steamy, kinky sex scenes involving a ghost, an alpha male, a young Mistress, and a beautiful movie star. Plus, threesomes, foursomes, sex toys, ass play, oral skills, first-time lesbian sex, BDSM, and spanking.***

Halloween at Club Desire
Clara Hervaux wants to go back to New Orleans and celebrate Halloween with Marcel at Club Desire. But things are complicated now that the movie star is the target of some crazy fan who’s been threatening her. How can she ditch the bodyguards that follow her around? Is it safe to go there alone? Will she be able to keep her escapades at the club as a secret? Or will she disappoint her favorite ghost and fail to spend Halloween night with him this year?
*** This 7500-word short is intended for adults only! It contains graphic language plus steamy, kinky scenes involving a celebrity, her gorgeous assistant, a stunning Club hostess and a hunky ghost. Not all at once, though! ***

Her Discipline
I’ve been a naughty submissive so Master brings a gorgeous Mistress to his dungeon to punish me. If this is punishment is it wrong to enjoy it? What if Mistress likes playing with me way too much? Will Master accept it? Or are Mistress and I playing with fire?
WARNING – This 9,000-word short story is intended for adults due to its graphic language depicting scenes of a sexual natural, which some people might consider offensive.

At the Club
Carol Anne Sullivan your favorite stock broker from New York goes to New Orleans for some well-deserved personal time. She’s eager to spend her day off at her favorite club in town: Club Desire where she’ll play Domme to her favorite sub: Richard.
*** This 4000-word short is intended for adults only! It contains graphic language plus kinky scenes involving a domineering stock broker and her gorgeous beaux. Plus a lot of steamy action: role playing, naughty toys, D/s, and spanking***.




Conheça Carol Anne Sullivan, uma corretora de ações estressada de NovaYork. Ela anda com dificuldade para administrar seu negócio e suas frustrações sexuais ao mesmo tempo. Mark, seu assistente e atual amante, não está dando conta do recado na cama. Nem seu vibrador predileto. Seus clientes exigem sua atenção quase 24 horas por dia.
Ela está frustrada e à beira de um ataque de nervos quando uma nova funcionária chama a sua atenção e ela começa a ter sonhos eróticos com um traseiro redondo e um par de seios. Ela passa a sonhar acordada com coxas macias e pernas longas. Mas, o problema é que ela nunca transou com uma mulher antes. Nunca pensou nessa possibilidade. O que está acontecendo com ela agora?

*** Este conto erótico com 9500 palavras contém linguagem forte e situações sexuais que podem ofender algumas pessoas. É recomendado para o público adulto por causa das cenas de sexo envolvendo uma corretora necessitada, um assistente lindo e gostoso e uma jovem recepcionista sexy. Além de sexo lésbico pela primeira vez, brinquedos sexuais, dominação e submissão.***


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