I’ve been a naughty submissive so Master brings a gorgeous Mistress to his dungeon to punish me. If this is punishment is it wrong to enjoy it? What if Mistress likes playing with me way too much? Will Master accept it? Or are Mistress and I playing with fire?

WARNING – This 9,000-word short story is intended for adults due to its graphic language depicting scenes of a sexual natural, which some people might consider offensive.



Maureen’s story continues in the second installment of this captivating new series.
She has been naughty before but nothing compares to what she’s done this time. Jean-Pierre might just have ruined everything for her. Will Chad be able to forgive her actions? Is the humiliation of being handed over to a Domme too much to pay? Or is the possibility of losing Chad forever just too much for her to bear?

*** This 5000-word-erotic short-story is for adults only! It contains graphic language plus steamy sex scenes involving threesomes, foursomes, fingering, ass play, oral skills, BDSM, Domination, submission, and spanking. Reading it can make your knees weak and your toes curl.***



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