Kay Montanaro is a successful professional who has focused all her efforts on building her career for the last ten years. She had to sacrifice much to achieve her goals including her personal life. She put on weight, lost touch with old friends, and never found the time to date or keep her love life going. Until her best friend couldn’t take it any longer and convinced Kay to rethink her priorities.
On a flight to London, she finds exactly what she needs to rekindle her passion – a gorgeous man from her past who is willing to reconnect. But, can David give Kay everything she needs? Is he enough? Does she dare ask for more?

WARNING – This 6,800-word short-story portraits two hot alpha males who would do anything to entertain a gorgeous BWW passenger during a long otherwise dull transatlantic flight. Their encounter gets pretty steamy and naughty therefore it’s not recommended for the faint of heart or for those who object to three people finding pleasure together also known as threesomes.



Carol Anne Sullivan, sua corretora favorita da bolsa de valores de Nova York vai para Nova Orleans para merecidas férias. Ela está ansiosa para passar o dia em seu clube favorito na cidade: o Clube Desire, onde ela poderá brincar de Dominatrix com seu submisso preferido: Richard.

*** Este conto erótico foi escrito para o público adulto porque contém linguagem pesada, além de cenas explícitas envolvendo uma corretora de ações dominadora e seu lindo submisso. Além de muita ação estimulante: jogos de poder, brinquedos sexuais, D/s e castigos – muitos castigos.***


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