Erotic Short Story

Carol Anne Sullivan, your favorite stock broker from New York, goes to New Orleans for some well-deserved personal time. She’s eager to spend her day off at her favorite club in town: Club Desire where she’ll play Domme to her favorite sub: Richard.

*** This 4000-word short is intended for adults only! It contains graphic language plus kinky scenes involving a domineering stock broker and her gorgeous beaux. Plus a lot of steamy action: role playing, naughty toys, D/s, and spanking.***



Maureen’s Tale – The Dark Side Series– Book 1

What can happen when a powerful Hollywood star, a gorgeous Dom and a ghost meet at an exclusive sex club in New Orleans? How much pleasure can a person endure? Is there something like ‘too much pleasure’?
Join Maureen, Chad and Jean-Pierre at Club Desire for a journey of discoveries. Find out about Maureen’s hard limits as wells as your own in this first installment of The Dark Side Series, a trilogy.

*** This 6000-word-erotic short-story is for adults only! It contains graphic language plus steamy sex scenes involving threesomes, fingering, oral skills, Domination, submission, and mild spanking. Reading it can make your knees weak and your toes curl.***


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