I’ve been a naughty submissive so Master brings a gorgeous Mistress to his dungeon to punish me. If this is punishment is it wrong to enjoy it? What if Mistress likes playing with me way too much? Will Master accept it? Or are Mistress and I playing with fire?

WARNING – This 9,000-word short story is intended for adults due to its graphic language depicting scenes of a sexual natural, which some people might consider offensive.





4.5/5 stars Better than Fifty Shades!

I’m not a great fan of the erotica genre (…) Despite initial scepticism, I found likeable characters and an interesting plot. (…) I enjoyed the story, the strong female characters (…) and the rather surprising ending. At no point did I roll my eyes and skim a sexual encounter, as I’ve done with every book I’ve attempted to read in this genre. I’m really impressed with Liz Gavin’s writing.

Claire Hill @

4.5 Stars – Great book!
Wow… That’s all I have in my mind when I finished this book.(…) Careful though.. You might need a change of panties and sheets and even a new coat of paint because this is a scorcher. (…) The characters were real, flawed and easy to relate to.(…) I can’t wait to pick up more work from this author.

Renee @


4/5 stars – Engaging

This book will engage you from the beginning and not disappoint. Follow Carol as she not only deals with her past but also her future and what path she will take.  Can she have everything she wants or will she have to choose? You have to get the book to find out!

Ella Marie @

Carol Anne Sullivan is a tough New York stock broker. She’s suffered enough in order to learn a hard lesson – never let love spoil her relationships. Her boyfriends know that rule from the start. She’s domineering and assertive but also faithful and fair while the relationship lasts.

Mark Aikens is Carol’s boyfriend. He’s been in love with her for a while but his submissive side hasn’t allowed him to rebel against her golden rule and to tell her how he feels. Fear of losing her forever might spur him into action.

Cindy O’Rourke has admired Carol from afar. So, she jumps at the opportunity to work for her idol. Little does she know, things will never be the same for her after that job interview.

Carol has been going through a rough patch: world economical crisis, dysfunctional parents, demanding clients, faulty equipment. Without much time for herself, her love life is suffering. So what is the big deal if she fantasizes about a new employee when her boyfriend, Mark, can’t give her what she needs? The big deal is – the new receptionist, Cindy, is a woman who threatens to turn her world upside down.

This is the steamy tale of an unconventional love triangle which should be read with an open mind and an open heart. Sometimes, love comes to our lives in unexpected ways but with such overwhelming power that the best course of action might be to surrender to it.
*This is a stand-alone book. Although it gives readers of ‘Powerless’ a deeper understanding of the story; one doesn’t need to read it in order to understand ‘Upside Down’.


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