Enjoying Valentine’s so far? How about some wicked fun?

Get your kinky kicks with…

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY even for the wicked.

This collection of naughty short-stories was put together to melt more than hearts and warm more than feet. It’s a selection of scorching action sure to leave you breathless and wanting more.
Volume 1 – In the Pink – brings you well-written lesbian fantasies that will make you drool. Check them out:

Indecent Proposal –  Rita Collins is in a steady relationship with Sherri but when her life turns upside down after she loses her well-paying job and finds out her mother needs expensive medical treatment, she hatches an insane plan to get extra cash. She will do anything to help her family. But Rita’s decision to move forward with her plan will bring consequences to all involved as she battles her treacherous body when a golden goddess called Alexa Harris shows up to conduct the assessment process. She will never be the same after that!

Powerless – Carol, Mark and Cindy form an unconventional love triangle. Carol is a burnt-out stock broker from New York, dealing with the frustrations in her life; Mark is her current lover, and Cindy is the new receptionist at Carol’s office. Will Carol resist temptation when Cindy invades her most private thoughts and gets the starring role in her kinkiest fantasies?

Take me to the Domme – The best-kept secret in New Orleans is a high-end sex club called Club Desire. Clara is a regular member and willing sub to Sam but when he hands her over to Jenny, Clara is shocked and insecure. She’s never been with a woman before but like the good sub she is, Clara does as she is told. Only to discover, she might enjoy having a stunning Domme after all.

In the Lounge – During this visit to Club Desire, Jenny and Sam have prepared a special surprise for Clara. She has never been to the Lounge before and isn’t sure she can endure the public humiliation of it. Even though her celebrity status keeps her under constant media exposition the Lounge is something else entirely. Will she break down or overcome her deepest fears?


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