one million project_gb

The One Million Project is a major charitable endeavour in the form of a collection of 24 short stories by 14 different authors. Between Nov 2015 and Nov 2016 we hope to raise £1,000,000 for charity and thereafter all continuing sales on this book will go towards an ongoing One Million Project Foundation which will continue to raise money for charity as well as invest in the Arts/Creative projects. 90% of all money raised in perpetuity will go towards this purpose, less 10% for Admin/running costs such as accountants, legal fees etc Content is mostly G or PG with some adult content.

One of my short-stories is in there – Halloween at Club Desire – but the collection is comprised of varied genres: sci-fiction, fantasy, children’s story, and much more.


Paperback is available right now and digital is coming on November 30th.

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