When Camille volunteers for the youth outreach program in the small town of Prosperity little does she know that she has put herself in harm’s way. Sheriff Griffin, the program leader, and his son, Grant, lord over an empire of criminal activities ranging from – illegal drugs, robbery, murder, political corruption and pornography. In short order, Grant becomes Camille’s lover and introduces her to life as a recreational drug user. After Camille weathers a brutal beating by Grant’s disapproving Dad, she turns to her newly-widowed, fiery friend Jennifer for help. What can two downtrodden women do to rid a tortured town of its misogynistic Machiavellian sheriff and malevolent mayor? Plenty.

Plenty, the powerful feminist flip side of Fifty Shades of Grey, captivates as a spine-tingling suspense novel about the risky yet all-important road to self-actualization and happiness in spite of a horrible family situation and consequential bad decisions. The dark side of sex kitten training will prove jarring to some readers, but others will see how evil insidiously manifests itself in the lives of injured souls – especially trafficked teens. As in life, a dysfunctional childhood, sets the stage for victimization, while violence and heroin, create the craving to please – all represent tools of the trade to control and peddle young women. Plenty holds special appeal for resilient, smart, resourceful women who rescue themselves and the men who love them. Plenty infused with spice, a lot of naughty-never nice. Not for the faint of heart or for those looking for a tame, sleepy time story. Written by a long-time James Bond  enthusiast, action-packed Plenty jets along at a jolting 007 pace.

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“Are you going to shoot the sheriff’s son in front of his friends for talking to someone? I don’t think so.” Turning his attention back to Camille, he continued, “Well, Camille, are you going to let them lay down their lives for you? Think about Dad and all of his friends, allies, and connections—politicians, peace officers, attorneys, addicts, and folks just needing a favor. Tsk, tsk. What a shame if he had to make a call,” he said with a shake of his head in mock concern.






AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kelly K. Lavender, a Multi-Award-Winning Debut Author, has written two novels, Beautiful Evil Winter and Plenty. Beautiful Evil Winter earned a bouquet of book accolades including an Eric Hoffer Award and a Readers’ Favorite International Book Award. The prestigious Eric Hoffer Award honors “…writing of significant merit…” and the hotly contested Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards include celebrities, like comedian Jim Carey, and New York Times Best-Selling Authors. In 2015, Barnes and Noble selected Kelly’s book to be featured on their shelves in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex areas.  Aside from a love of wildlife, horses, dogs and cats, Kelly has an enduring passion and respect for suspenseful stories and cliffhangers, most notably, anything James Bond. She credits UCLA Extension Writers’ Program for providing the perfect opportunity for a wallflower dreamer to catapult into the writers’ world.






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4* out of 5

* I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review *

This is the first book by Kelly K. Lavender that I read and can say it was a good story. There are twists and turns in the plot and a lot of action.
Judging by what other reviewers wrote, I expected more intense, graphic sex scenes but there aren’t that many. I obviously am not counting the violent one, only the consensual.
I also couldn’t find any connections to the Fifty Shades trilogy nor would I classify this book in the erotica genre as it’s been described elsewhere. Being an erotica writer, I was disappointed in my expectations and that’s why I rated it a 4-star story.


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17 thoughts on “PLENTY VIRTUAL TOUR

    1. Good question!! The novel holds different messages for people. People tend to like it or dislike it for various reasons. I’m proud of Plenty. Some publishers may have neutralized the violence in the book, but it would be a different book. Some may have eliminated the gun references, but once again – a different novel. Since I write the check to fund my creations, I always write what I’d like to read – suspenseful allegorical thrillers with strong female characters. Maybe, I’d make it a more erotic read if I had to change anything.

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      1. I have to recant my answer about what I’d change. I think I would add and may add an epilogue as to why I tout it as the antithesis of Fifty because Plenty doesn’t glamorize, endorse or popularize the sex kitten and/or sadist dynamic. It extrapolates and mocks the Fifty dynamic – the objectification of women. I address other differences in my blog. I agree with Liz that Plenty isn’t only erotic but it does contain many erotic threads. Thanks again to Liz for her insights and for her review.

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