by Harmony Kent

Keira Ashe, at twenty-two, is fulfilling a life-long dream of travelling to Ireland to watch U2 in concert. All her life, her grandfather told her stories of the emerald isle, and now she is seeing it for herself. Keira wanted to make a holiday of it, and booked two weeks in Ireland with the plan to watch the concert and do some sightseeing. One night, while drunk, Keira meets Declan, who takes care of her in her vulnerable state. The pair are attracted to one another immediately and the sparks fly, but with only two weeks in Ireland, can it go anywhere? When Keira sets off on her travels alone, danger looms. Author Liz Gavin gives the reader so much more than hot and steamy romance; she gives tension and suspense and a rip-roaring tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat . This new, revised edition has been edited and proofread to a high standard, and brings you an even greater read.
This is an author who knows how to pack a punch, as well as how to caress you softly with her words.
The plot, pacing, character development, and world building are all done very well, and you will feel as though you are in Ireland yourself as you immerse yourself in this excellent erotic romance novel.
Well worth a read.

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