That’s why on February 21, 2015, after reading Bethany Turner’s blog – here –  and finding out about her Marquee Monday Project, where she dedicates her blog to promoting authors instead of herself, I decided to do something similar.

You should check the previous featured authors because they’re great people, supportive of other authors and you’ll find great reads by each one of them: Harmony Kent, Jennifer Hinsmann Jason Greenfield, and Dalia Daudelin.


I’ve been meaning to profile this lady for a while, but life kept getting in the way. haha She is an amazing writer and an honest and generous reviewer. She was one of the first people who accepted my request to review my erotica short-stories (something which is never easy to come by) for the awesome website Inked Rainbow Reads



Now, finding a picture of her to include here wasn’t very easy, but I did some digging in her Facebook Page archives (felt a bit like a stalker – yikes! – haha) and found the one I posted above. I loved how shy yet smart she looks. 😀

Giveback Wednesday is about me promoting other authors who are not only talented but who support other authors as well. Rachael fits both categories to perfection. And while researching for this post, I saw the picture below on her Facebook timeline. It is SO TRUE!! But I’d just add that if you really don’t like a book, don’t trash it without mercy. For an author, it’s like beating up one of their kids and you don’t want to cross a parent, right? LOL


 Here’s a chance for you to follow the message above. Read and review Rachael’s newest release!! It sounds HOT, HOT, HOT! 😀


 Being born into slavery, I never thought my owner, my very mother, would sell me. And she didn’t.

Until Matteo. 

I was tormented, struggling to come to terms with my new life then he narrowed it down to two things.
Pleasure. Pain.
The man confused me at every turn with his unexpected and unattainable desires.
If only he’d speak to me. 
If only he’d tell me how to avoid upsetting him.
If only I could please him.

**Disclaimer: This is a DARK erotic Italian Mafia story. There are twisted behaviors in this book not everyone will be able to handle. Explicit, violent, and sexual scenes are involved. Not for the wary of heart.**


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If you don’t like Mafia stories, don’t despair!! Rachael has ALL KINDS of stories to offer you. And any book you pick will be a delight as her spotless review averages can assure you! None of her titles has an average below 4.1 on Amazon US. It’s no small feat considering erotica books usually don’t get a lot of reviews. I wonder if people don’t have the courage to admit they read it… but, that’s a subject for another blog. haha




Mother by day. Writer by night. I spend a majority of my day with my children and reading while my nights are filled with the sound of the keyboard as I work on my next work.

 I have written in nearly every LBGT category as well as the traditional erotic romance category.


I love to try new things and learn from every piece of work I write. I’ll write just about anything once to learn from it. I’ve even ventured out of my normal erotica genre into Monster Erotica. Doubt you’ll find me writing anything not erotic as you can barely get me to even read something out of that category, but then again, you never know what I might try next.


Never stop learning. Try everything at least once.






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