Lack of time doesn’t mean lack of inspiration


I haven’t been able to write much lately but have been updating some covers for old books.

How do these look? Please remember to leave your impressions below!


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6 thoughts on “NEW COVERS

  1. Aww, thank YOU! I haven’t had time to explore my Photoshop much but I’m sure it’s possible to make better covers with it than with Word. I’m not 100% happy with these covers but I’m getting there.
    Would you like me to send you the article I’m following to create these? Please, send me an email ( or Facebook message or Twitter Dm and I’ll send it to you. You’ll need the 2013 version of Word, though.


  2. Hi, Kim! Yes, I used Word for the Box sets but used KDP Cover Creator for Upside Down Serials. I hear you when you mention the small image but I did that on purpose because this is a serial of an already published novel so I wanted to make it different from the complete edition, which has a ‘complete’ image on the cover. 😀
    Sorry if I’m not that clear but it’s around 1:30 in the morning here in Brazil and I may not be thinking straight. LOL
    Thanks for visiting and commenting, dear!


  3. I’m getting ready to do my first box set, and I purchased a template for Photoshop but haven’t tried to use it yet. Anyway, I like yours better than the one I purchased for $5.

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  4. I love the box sets. Did you make those in Word also? As for the upside down cover, they’re okay, but I would prefer to see more of the image with a smaller solid area at the top. Just my opinion.

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