Being honored as a Book of the Month



THANK YOU for your continued support.

Yesterday I got the best surprise when I logged into RRBC site and found out ‘Luck of the Irish’ had been select as one of the three Books of the Month!!! I had no idea! I felt humbled and honored at the same time because even though Rave Reviews Book Club IS all about supporting to be supported I keep feeling I’m not supporting enough.

I mean, I get so much awesomeness from all of you – starting with the Governing Board, which work super-hard so that the members have NO IDEA how hard they work LOL – that I feel in debt. Besides, I have so much FUN interacting with everyone online that it doesn’t feel like I’m doing that for others. And that’s why I smile whenever I read a comment saying that I’m ‘doing a great job’ or that I’m ‘so supportive’. When something isn’t hard for me and I enjoy myself too much doing it, it’s NOT a ‘job’ for me, do get my meaning? Hahaha

As for being supportive, when I pop up during a blog tour and interact with the host and guest, it’s because I LOVE DOING IT. Likewise, when I come to Rave Reviews Book Club’s site and leave a comment or thank somebody, I’m doing that for two simple reason:
a) it’s one of my tasks as Admin. Assistant – LOL

What can I say? I was blessed!! Nonnie & Marlena have assigned me to do stuff that I truly enjoy so much. Thank YOU, ladies! 😀

Bottom line here is that you all say I’ve been doing a good job and I know that’s why you’ve been showering me with wonderful things, the last one of those being the BOM for ‘Luck of the Irish’. From my perspective, what I’ve been doing at RRBC and for our membership is the minimum ‘payback’ I can manage within my crazy working schedule and considering all the GREAT things RRBC has brought to my life over the last three months.

I’ve run out of ways to say THANK YOU but I mean it from the bottom of my heart!! 😀

RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB ROCK!! And the least I can do is keep on giving back to you all!

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