Advertise with Amazon: a Step-by-step Tutorial

Another excellent post from Nicholas Rossis. Keeping my fingers crossed his sales skyrocket because he’s a talented author.

This service seemedgreat so I submitted a campaign for Luck of the Irish, which was rejected. I wrote to Amazon asking why the cover was violation of their guidelines because I couldn’t see it. If there are other romance authors reading this who might be interested in using this service, watch out. I just got a reply from Amazon confirming that Luck of the Irish Campaign was rejected for “provocative cover image.”

You can check it here on Liz Gavin’s Books page and see for yourselves how provocative your covers CANNOT be.  😀

Nicholas C. Rossis

I was reading Chris McMullen’s excellent (as usual) post on Amazon’s new advertising service, and thought I’d give it a go. My monthly advertising budget is $100, but I hadn’t spent anything in January. So, I had this month’s and the previous one’s budget at my disposal – which allowed me to place two ads. For my first one, I chose the Pearseus bundle. This was done for two reasons: one, it offers great value for money. Second, its higher cost of $3.49 will hopefully allow me to cover the ad’s cost.

The second ad was for Runaway Smile. This allowed me to test two very different ways of targeting my audience, as you will see below.

Oh, and I took lots of screenshots, so as to share with you the process. That way, should any of you decide to advertise with Amazon, you’ll know how to do it. And…

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