Becoming an Indie Author

 Why did I become an Indie Author?

I’ve got asked this question a lot and I found out there’s no easy answer. On one hand, there were many stories inside my head fighting to get out and onto the paper (or an eReader screen), and this was clearly a reason. But on the other hand, there was also a sense of challenge. I had never written anything before August of 2013 when I decided to try my hand at it. I didn’t know if I’d be any good at it. Granted, I had been an avid reader ever since I learned how to read but that didn’t mean I could write.

I still remember fondly the first time I sat down in front of my computer to write my novel. I also remember I woul) and wrote the most amazing things about them. I was touched and convinced I was doing something right. So I kept writind create whole scenes and clever dialogs in my head while driving to my regular job. I would sit through boring meetings while my characters played out scenes in front of my eyes. Then, I would get home and spend hours translating all those awesome ideas into words and sentences. I was living my dream. After a week of hard work, I had written around twenty pages.

WHAT?! Only twenty pages?

Yep! That was when I understood writing was a much harder job then I had imagined. People don’t know that. Writers do!

After that frustrated weekend, I decided to start small. Literally. I put the novel idea aside and started writing short-stories. I learned to create covers and I uploaded them to eBook stores. Then, I waited for the readers to come. And they did! I was surprised at the reviews I started getting. I asked my best friend to post the first one, like so many authors I’ve met have told me they did too, but the other reviews I’ve received so far have come from people I don’t know. Readers who have enjoyed my stories (most of them, anywayg and learning and hope to be able to do so for a long time.

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